A Day with Sport-The Bridge

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Sport – The Bridge is a swiss-based NGO working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We combine sport and pedagogy in order to re-integrate street children into their families and the public school. Our main sports are football and karate. Street children of Addis Ababa receive a home during the day relieving them from the daily quest for food and giving them the opportunity to do sport and to play around like children do. By the special mean of the KRAFTmodel we can use the framework of sport in order to transfer pedagogical messages to the children and thus foster their personal development. For every child and with the respective family members, we're trying to find a sustainable solution such that the child is sleeping at home again. If successful, the child will start school at the next possible date. We furthermore deliver services concerning health, hygiene, nutrition and literacy. More information on www.sportthebridge.ch or under info@sportthebridge.ch .

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