Is Candida Causing Your Acne?

If you’ve tried and tried to treat your persistent acne without success, perhaps you should consider whether Candida is involved. Click here for more information about Candida and acne…  Yeast Infection Cure

Acne can cause all sorts of anguish and negative feelings. And there are lots of different reasons people get acne, from hormones, to environment to food reactions.

Sometimes a simple change in diet is helpful. And for some people an over-the-counter treatment will work. Then there are the more powerful prescription treatments.

Like all drugs, these carry dozens of potentially harmful side-effects such as light sensitivity, osteoporosis, anemia — even psychological disorders like suicidal thoughts and psychosis!

The really scary part is  that these side-effects may not show up until years after you stop taking the drugs. What’s important to remember is that your skin is the largerst organ in your body. And since Candida is a systemic threat, its effects can show up in a variety of ways.

Some studies show that skin patients have stronger inflammatory response against the fungus. It’s like your immune system is primed against Candida and reacts violently when it gets a whiff of it.

This initial inflammation can then trigger the acne formation process or aggravate existing acne.
That means you should do whatever is necessary to rid yourself of infestation by this nasty fungus.
Especially if you’ve tried using other treatments and failed to see any noticeable results.

The good news is there’s a quick way to attack Candida!
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P.S. If you know someone who has had persistent skin problems that don’t respond to changes in diet or medications, ask them if they’ve considered whether Candida is at the bottom of their suffering. I’m sure they’ll be grateful!