Could I have a thyroid condition?


I think I might have a slow or malfunctioning thyroid. I am tired often, and sleep very late and still feel tired. I can sleep 10 hours and still need caffeine to get going. Losing weight is next to impossible. One time I ate 1000 calories a day for two months and lost almost no weight. My mind feels fuzzy, often, and I am getting forgetful. My eyes are light-sensitive, I have tinnitus, and I seem to lose more hair than most people.

In fact, I have a whole lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism – except for one – I’m not cold all the time. In summer I am usually hot and dislike temperatures above 70. But then, in winter, my feet get really cold even at normal room temp.

Any thoughts? (Yes, I know I need to talk to my doctor, and I will. I’m just curious what others might think too.)

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