Omojo Acne & Tissue Support Kit Skin care is important (…) Omojo Health has put great emphasis on making a product that is both natural and effective in providing beautiful looking skin. Today’s product Acne & Tissue Support Kit In this video, Omojo Health USA’s technical advisor, Howard Jachter, explains why one should use Omojo’s Acne & Tissue Support Kit. This product is designed to provide a clear complexion and facilitate body tissue regeneration. As an additional benefit, this product also helps increase joint elasticity. Omojo Health uses all natural ingredients derived from the ocean and refrains from any use of chemicals. About Howard Jachter: 1. IBM Staff Scientist for 10 years 2. Senior Technical Staff NCI Information Systems 3. Assistant Cancer Research Scientist — Roswell Park Memorial Institute 4. Senior Consultant/lead to: 1.Stanford University 2.Boeing Commercial Airplanes 3.Microsoft 4.Peco Energy Company 5.Manager of Core Architecture — Lucent Technologies 6.CIO Pacific Health Degrees: BA – Biochemistry from Rutgers U. MS – Biphysical Sciences from State U of NY / Buffalo PhD / ABD We hope you enjoy the video, The Omojo Health USA team