Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

I think all of us have heard of Resveratrol -a compound found in red wine and dark chocolate that has been widely hailed for its anti-aging properties.

Resveratrolis a naturally occurring, powerful polyphenol (plant-derived) compound that has some significant antioxidant properties, which allow it to neutralize the gaggle of free radicals that intend to wreak havoc on critical cellular functions.

Life, stress, UV damage, pathogens, pollution, and environmental toxins are some of the free radical producers in people. These free radicals inflict as much cellular or oxidative damage as possible to an organism.  Resveratrol neutralizes these harmful radicals and puts them out of action.


Now in addition to its anti aging properties Resveratrol has been shown to have a potential new health benefit: It may improve people’s memories.


New research out of Germany suggests involving 46 overweight adults found those who took resveratrol supplements for six months had better short-term recall than a similar group of individuals given an inactive placebo.


Those who took the supplement also had more brain-cell connections in regions linked to memory, LiveScience reported.

 “From a clinical point of view, our findings suggest that regular, high-level intake of resveratrol in the elderly may convey protective effects on cognitive functions, a hypothesis that now needs to be evaluated in large-scale clinical trials,” she told Live Science.

In addition to red wine and dark chocolate, resveratrol is also found in red grapes, peanuts, and blueberries. Doctors think the compound mimics the effects of a low-calorie diet on the body and that could partly account for its benefits.

Some studies have shown Resveratrol may help combat heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – three of the nation’s top killers.

So now we have evidence of a food that is good for us and that fact is proven.

But surely we need to know what  NOT to eat


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