Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism – Overcoming Hypothyroidism: The Ultimate Guide to Recovery Official Website

I’ve been struggling with hypothyroidism most of my adult life, I had every symptom in the book. It took several years to obtain a correct diagnosis, and even after taking Synthroid I didn’t feel well. The doctor kept saying I was normal and should feel fine. Only I didn’t. There’s so much more to treating hypothyroidism than taking a pill every morning. This book is so informative and easy to understand, it teaches you how to give your body the tools it needs to heal itself. After changing my diet and following Ms. Mitova’s advice I now feel better than ever. Highly recommend it to any hypothyroid patient!

“Overcoming Hypothyroidism” will give you the knowledge you need to regain your health. The book explains the thyroid function and impacts. It discusses tests and treatments. From what I’ve experienced, most doctors don’t really understand hypothyroidism. They have been brainwashed by drug companies to believe that just one little pill fixes everything. Thyroid issues are much more common than most people realize and the symptoms are often vague. As women age the percentage effected is higher. And if your thyroid was tested years ago, have it tested again now. The “normal” TSH range has been lowered. The book also explains why you can’t rely on the standard TSH testing to diagnose Hypothyroidism and what other tests you need. This book is an absolute life-saver!
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