Count Chemicals instead of calories

The foods of today are plagued by toxins that are making us fat and sick.  These toxins inhibit your ability to lose weight and are leading to long term disease!

For decades, the FDA has allowed the corporate food industry to grow and process food products with hundreds of un-safe chemicals and practices.

The public is deliberately kept in the dark about these un-safe chemicals.

Over 400 pesticides are licensed for use on America’s foods, and every year over 2.5 billion pounds are dumped on croplands, forests, lawns, and fields. In a single meal, a person could easily consume residues of a dozen different neurotoxic or carcinogenic chemicals.

Earlier this year,  Subway came under fire for using a chemical called azodicarbonamide, which is typically found in things like shoe rubber and yoga mats.

Why did they put this rubber ingredient in their bread?  To condition the bread!

Subway agreed to remove the material from its food, but they were not the only bread company that is using this chemical.

So you NEED to educate yourself and to learn that foods that are marketed as “perfectly healthy” are in fact completely toxic.

To stay healthy, it is absolutely necessary to start educating yourself on what foods you NEED to avoid.

A new book that reveals the Truth about the Foods you are eating…

==>101 Toxic Food Ingredients

Here’s a sneak peak of we learned from his book:

– The Blue #1 artificial color in your gatorade used to be made out of coal… now they use synthetic oil instead. Yes, the same kind that you put in your car!

– The number one contaminant in your tap water that’s banned for use in the country where it’s produced…

– The new artificial sweetener in town that’s potentially dozens of times worse than Aspartame…

==> 101 Toxic Food Ingredients (get educated, get healthy)

We understand this can be overwhelming, but it is absolutely necessary for you to start educating yourself so you can make the right food choices for your health.

Get educated with programs like 101 Toxic Food Ingredients, and then start counting chemicals (instead of calories)!