150+ Delicious, Allergy-Friendly and Fat Burning Recipes


In our previous email we mentioned Flavia Delmonte’s brand new Skinnylicious Cookbook…
No artificial stuff, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free. It’s filled with 150+ healthy recipes that are both delicious and easy to prepare
skin2.jpgWe reviewed Skinnylicious Cooking and realized that it’s among the most beautiful, user friendly and overall mind-blowing cookbook we’ve ever seen.
One of the best ways to improve your health and the health of everyone you inspire around you is to cook more healthy meals from scratch.
And here’s the part where we try to convince you to grab Skinnylicious Cooking, because it’s world-class material.
It’s cheaper, better and bolder than all the other cookbooks you’ve bought at Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.
Flavia invested $11,000 working alongside a PROFESSIONAL chef for TWO years.

This is great so that you can avoid the costly problem of “Free” recipes online that are rarely tested and often duds.  Sure, there are a lot of great recipes out there but
most of them are filled with FATTENING foods that may appeal to your taste buds but NOT to your waistline. 
Here is a picture of Flavia taken just a few days ago after losing 30 pounds of fat after her daughter was born and she simply followed her 3 Step Skinny Solution…skin1.png
If you grab it by Thursday night, you’ll also get one of the best bonuses that Flavia has ever offered — “How To Cook 15 Meals In 50 Minutes!”
This video will show you exactly how to cook an entire weeks worth of healthy and delicious meals in LESS than one hour.
Here’s why we are very excited about this video bonus:
Professional Chef Amy Soddart and Flavia Del Monte will show you how to whip up 15 meals in just 50 minutes. 
These kitchen divas show you how to make meals from scratch, organize your meals for the entire week—and they even give you cooking, freezing and storage tips.

The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever (7 Shocking Lies)

Flavia Del Monte, Registered Nurse, CPT, CN and Creator of Skinnylicious Cooking has a very important message to share

The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever (7 Shocking Lies)

Did you know that the world’s nutrition history is absolutely riddled with nonsense

We’ve been told to eat in a ton of different ways, some of which are unnecessary, some flat out wrong!
The following Highly Controversial article, written by a world renowned female fitness expert and Registered Nurse, identifies the 7 worst offenders in all of diet history. . . 

==> The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever (7 Shocking Lies)

What you’re about to read may go against EVERYTHING
that you’ve been told by nutrition experts, dieticians,
the media and possibly even your personal trainer.

Rest assured, the article is the NOT the authors
‘opinion’, it’s information backed to the bone with 
35 scientific references and sources.  

==> The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever (7 Shocking Lies)


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