Is Candida Causing Your Acne?

If you’ve tried and tried to treat your persistent acne without success, perhaps you should consider whether Candida is involved. Click here for more information about Candida and acne…  Yeast Infection Cure

Acne can cause all sorts of anguish and negative feelings. And there are lots of different reasons people get acne, from hormones, to environment to food reactions.

Sometimes a simple change in diet is helpful. And for some people an over-the-counter treatment will work. Then there are the more powerful prescription treatments.

Like all drugs, these carry dozens of potentially harmful side-effects such as light sensitivity, osteoporosis, anemia — even psychological disorders like suicidal thoughts and psychosis!

The really scary part is  that these side-effects may not show up until years after you stop taking the drugs. What’s important to remember is that your skin is the largerst organ in your body. And since Candida is a systemic threat, its effects can show up in a variety of ways.

Some studies show that skin patients have stronger inflammatory response against the fungus. It’s like your immune system is primed against Candida and reacts violently when it gets a whiff of it.

This initial inflammation can then trigger the acne formation process or aggravate existing acne.
That means you should do whatever is necessary to rid yourself of infestation by this nasty fungus.
Especially if you’ve tried using other treatments and failed to see any noticeable results.

The good news is there’s a quick way to attack Candida!
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P.S. If you know someone who has had persistent skin problems that don’t respond to changes in diet or medications, ask them if they’ve considered whether Candida is at the bottom of their suffering. I’m sure they’ll be grateful!


Get Rid of Candida…Permanently

These days, pretty much everyone has Candida.


If you suffer from regular headaches, irritability, foggy thinking, low energy, fatigue, if you’ve got white deposits on the back of your tongue…and if you’ve got cravings for sugar, or carb rich foods like pasta, or bread…then it’s VERY likely you’ve got systemic Candida.

There are a ton of would-be “cures” and special diets and protocols one can do to try to deal with Candida.

However this only deals with the symptoms of the problem… not with the root.

Candida is a FUNGUS, and it is protected by a powerful armor called a “chitin layer”.  It’s the same stuff that the hard exoskeletons of insects like cockroaches are made of!

This makes it impossible for your immune system to attack the fungus.

If you’ve ever had an insect problem in your home such as cockroaches or ants, then you might have an idea of what you’re actually up against….except that this is in your body!

The simple fact is Candida cannot be “starved” to death by a special diet, it is designed to digest your body even after you die.

Even when you stop breathing, stop eating, the Candida will still be alive inside of you and eat you from the inside out, because it’s designed to deteriorate the body after death… doesn’t need oxygen to survive!

This is why special Candida diets or alternative treatments simply don’t work long term, they only mask the symptoms, once a Candida infection breaks out and latches it’s teeth into you, it’s usually there for good unless the root of the problem is addressed.

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Candida Yeast Infection And The Metal Toxicity Connection

The intense existence of harmful chemicals and toxic metals in our environment, in the medicines that we take, in the food that we eat and even in our dental fillings, creates a huge challenge for our body to effectively rid itself from these toxins resulting in a vicious cycle that manifests itself in a variety of symptoms and health problems, among them is candida albicans overgrowth that causes the symptoms of yeast infection to appear.

Chemical and toxic metal build up inside the body can also lead to hormonal imbalance, genetic alterations, immune system failure, poor elimination, slower healing process, skin problems, allergies and nerve and brain damage.

The presence of heavy metals in the body (led, silver, mercury) coming from food, the air that we breath, medicines and dental fillings (contain 50% amalgam), create an acidic and anaerobic (lacks oxygen) environment I that encourages candida yeast overgrowth.

When there is toxic metal overload in the intestine, the intestinal lining produces extra mucus to block metals from being absorbed into the blood stream. The problem is that this mucus creates an environment, which lacks oxygen, thus encourages bacteria and fungi like organisms such as candida yeast to grow out of control.

Moreover, candida binds to heavy metals (even in your amalgam fillings) and overgrows as the body performs a desperate attempt to protect itself against heavy metal poisoning.

A deep metal detoxification combined with the gradual removal of amalgam dental filling and replacing them with safer white fillings is one of the most important and fundamentals steps in battling candida yeast infection and restoring the body back into balance.

This article is based on the book, “Yeast Infection No More” by Linda Allen. Linda is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated her life to creating the ultimate holistic yeast infection solution guaranteed to permanently cure the root of candida and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, naturally, without the use prescription medication and without any side effects. Learn more by visiting her website:

Yeast Infection Knowledge – The Truth Behind Your Yeast Infection

Educating yourself about your candida infection is the first and most important step in curing this painful, annoying and relatively dangerous chronic condition and taking responsibility over your health and well-being.

Although yeast infection (known by the names of Candida, Monilia or Thrush) is in fact a very common condition, (as three out of four women develop it at some point in their lifetimes), it is little discussed. Most people regard candida infection as a ‘on the surface’ problem that should be treated with creams and antibiotics whereas few are aware of its potentially risky complications.

Yeast Infection is first and foremost an internal problem. Like most chronic conditions, there is never one cause for this fungal problem and thus yeast infection cannot be permanently eliminated using medications or creams that work superficially and fail to tackle the root factors that trigger the formation of candida infection in the first place.

The problem is that the majority of yeast infection sufferers choose to leave it in the hands of others: Doctors, pharmacists, drug and over the counter industries. They willingly choose NOT to take responsibility for their candida condition, for their health and for their own body.

If you suffer from yeast infection then you must have experienced the confusion stemmed from conflicting advice and from information overload. Honest information about vaginal yeast infection or any other type of candida infection is harder to come by than ever before, and nearly everyone has been misled at one time or another. I know I have. I wasted literally thousands of dollars on candida treatment programs that didn’t “work out” and anti-yeast infection products that didn’t do anything.

Furthermore, to successfully navigate through today’s jungle of misleading, dishonest and conflicting information, you’re going to have to become a very shrewd and discriminating consumer.

There are in fact, alternative, cheap, safe, natural and holistic health practices and methods necessary to permanently eliminate the symptoms of this disease and cure the root internal cause of yeast infection regardless of its type, location, or level of severity.

To effectively overcome candida infection, you need to be aware of the real cause of yeast infection and be able to identify its symptoms. You need to know how to self-test and diagnose your candida condition, learn about the dietary principals needed to maintain a candida free environment and about the complimentary treatments that will help you battle against the negative effects and complications of your yeast infection.

By educating yourself about the steps you need to take in order to deal with your candida infection condition and help your body heal itself and control the fungal overgrowth from the inside out you can and will eliminate the pain, annoyance, humiliation and frustration associated with this condition and feel more in control. Additionally, as a side benefits you’ll feel more energized, healthier and vibrant. You will enjoy improved digestion, enhanced vision, and healthier hair, skin and nails.

Knowledge is power. Embrace it. Share it and apply it and you will be yeast infection free.

This article is based on the book, “Yeast Infection No More” by Linda Allen. Linda is an author, researcher, nutritionist and health consultant who dedicated her life to creating the ultimate holistic yeast infection solution guaranteed to permanently cure the root of candida and dramatically improve the overall quality of your life, naturally, without the use prescription medication and without any side effects. Learn more by visiting her website here