Did you know that Chocolate is good for you?


Hi  If you’re anything like me (a bit of a chocolate lover), you’ll be thrilled to hear this: ** Chocolate is actually GOOD for you. ** ……..Here’s where I learned about it:     But, there is a catch…[there always is !]…. it’s not technically chocolate that’s good for you, it’s cocoa. So, you can’t scoff down tons of milk chocolate

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What are the superfoods


Super foods There is so much talk around the health world about the Superfoods that I thought I would write a short articles giving you a list of Superfoods and why they have been named as a Superfood Imagine being able to eat your way to health. Eating certain foods instead of taking drugs to drop your cholesterol, decrease your

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101 Super Foods Review

Product Description: In the US, Australia and other countries, obesity is fast becoming an epidemic. Besides obesity, another problem that millions of people face is body aches and pains that seem to appear for no reason at all. People just feel tired, stiff, painful, swollen and they have no idea why. They attribute it to getting old, pollution, genetics, bad

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