working in mental health?

in your opinion, does it take a special kind of person to work in mental health?

I like the idea of working in mental health but I’m not sure if its the right decision. I’m not sure if i’m suitable for the job.

The reasons why i want to work in mental health are:

Because i have had a mental health problem and it seems like the logical thing to do.
Because I’d like to be useful.

The reasons why i think i’m not suitable are:

I dont know if i’m caring or understanding enough. i’m not caring or understanding enough to myself, nevermind someone else.
i’m not fully in it just for others, i’m in it for selfish reasons, like fulfillment.
I’m not sure i wll be good enough to do the job. I mean yeah i have had my own difficulties but i’m not sure this gives me the right kind of qualities for the job.

I dont want to get into it and have a caring act/role /.. i want to do it and to be real about it .

i think i’m going to get some voluntary work to try it out.

I’d like some other views on this, particularly if you work in mental health yourself.

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