Will natural progesterone help with pregnancy depression?

To start from the beginning I had never had any type of depression until after I had my first baby 2 and a half years ago. Right away I got really bad post partum depression. I tried anti-depressants and hated the side-effects. I saw natural doctors who tried diets and homeopathic remedies and vitamins. Finally I found ‘The Hotze Health and Wellness Center’ online after a year. They really helped alot. They assesed my thyroid, and hormone levels, especially progesterone (which I was taking days 15-28 of my cycle) since your progesterone drops greatly after giving birth and can sometimes have a hard time picking back up which causes the depression. Anyway–I am pregnant for the second time and I’m feeling a depressed again! I called them right away and they said for the first trimester I should continue my progesterone everyday. I started that up again and it’s helped a little but not alot and I’m scared to feel like this through out my whole pregnancy, I’m ready to be excited about this pregnancy even though it wasn’t planned. So my real question is " Will these feelings go away" and "I thought during pregnancy progesterone was made in LARGE quantities so why should I have to take this natural progesterone?"

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  • SoulCollaging Homeopath

    What the progesterone doesn’t address are two things: The energetic imbalance that resulted in your depression, and your emotional "symptoms" themselves. This response to external healing substances is not infrequent. The response is temporary, like a bandaid. But, the deeper wound still persists.

    One concern when I see someone say they tried homeopathy is either it was limited to self-help home care – when a professional is required (akin to a first-aid kit v. the need to see your doctor) – or the practitioner, doctor, acupuncturist, etc. using homeopathic remedies has a consumer-level awareness.

    Homeopathy is so great for problems surrounding pregnancy. Anytime hormones shift, latent imbalances arise. This is the truth behind PMS and menopause (in health, both symptom-free).

    I have three suggestions:

    1. Look around my client’s favorite self-help website, http://abchomeopathy.com. It allows one to plug in symptoms for remedy suggestions. For many women, a remedy as simple as Sepia or Natrum muriaticum comes up and shifts the depression immediately. (It works when "indicated," so a bit of sleuthing is required. If not the remedy you need, nothing happens. Think of a child’s square toy where you place shapes into their own holes. The homeopathic remedy needs to be that precise.)

    2. A lovely book by a mother and homeopath, again that my moms and dads particularly love and find useful, is by Miranda Castro. It is "Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth & Your Baby’s First Years" (http://www.mirandacastro.com/main/books.html). You will be able to use the book now and later.

    3. If you continue to have problems after a few days to a week of being on a remedy that seems to be a "match," contact a professional homeopath. You want someone who practices classical homeopathy, and is also certified (if in N. America) through the Council for Homeopathic Certification (http://www.homeopathicdirectory.com). I think someone with kids is a benefit, because that’s part of a practitioner’s experience. Interview 2-3 for a personality match, check credentials and that the person’s practice is 100% homeopathy. You don’t want someone who blends acupuncture, or muscle testing, or hair analysis. None of those are homeopathy, and the benefits of homeopathy are most quick and precise when used alone.

    So, while someone gave you one or more homeopathic remedies, you did not "receive homeopathy." Homeopathy is the philosophy for giving a remedy – by practitioners with the qualifications I described – not the remedy itself. Without that knowledge, the remedy is useless and misleads people into ruling out homeopathy.

    (For some reason, I keep getting the Yahoo! is taking a breather message when I submit an answer. If I submit "testing," then put in the answer, it works. So, sorry for the confusion. This has been going on for a full day.)

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