Why Women get fat over 40 [and what to do about it]

Life can be REALLY unfair … especially if you are a woman over 40 who wants to get rid of unwanted fat. Believe me I know!

Not only does it start to pile up in all of the wrong places — your belly, your hips, thighs and butt — but it becomes stuck, and is almost impossible to get rid of.

No matter how little we eat or how much we exercise none of it seems to make an OUNCE of difference.

Finally, thanks to recent discoveries, there is at last something you can do and there is hope!

But before you get excited, you need to understand what’s REALLY going on…

This is the #1 Cause of Frustrating Female Fat Over Forty…

When it comes to frustrating fat gain with females over 40 we need to talk about Estrogen Dominance.

eh ..whats that you say?

The biology lesson begins……

Estrogen — along with its counter-balancing hormone Progesterone — are the reproductive hormones that control menstruation and allow women to be fertile and produce children.

Normally these two hormones are balanced by your brain’s hormone control central in the brain — the hypothalamus.

But the hypothalamus often gets goes off track… estrogen goes UP, your progesterone goes DOWN, and you then become estrogen dominant.

When you are estrogen dominant, signals are sent to your body to deposit fat SPECIFICALLY on your thighs, your hips hips and butt, it also orders your existing fat cells to grow AND multiply!

Worse still is that estrogen blocks your thyroid while progesterone stimulates it. I am sure you know that the thyroid secrets thyroxine which controls metabolism. So the effect of too much estrogen and not enough progesterone is like taking your foot off your metabolic gas pedal AND then putting on the brakes at the same time! …oh dear!

All is not bad …You can counteract this estrogen-induced metabolic slowdown but first, let us understand the 3 reasons for estrogen dominance…

Reason #1 for Estrogen Dominance…

The primary cause of estrogen dominance — is unfortunately out of our control- aging.

As you get older specifically over 30, you ovulate fewer and fewer months of the year, until ovulation disappears completely by, on average, age 51.

That is important, because whenever a woman ovulates, the hormone progesterone surges, counter-acting the estrogen surge that happens just before ovulation, so the fat-making and fat-burning stays in balance.

But as you age and ovulation starts to decrease, you will consequently get fewer thyroid-stimulating progesterone surges, leaving relatively more thyroid-blocking estrogen doing its fat building dirty work!

Reason #2 for Estrogen Dominance…

The second cause of estrogen dominance is the abundance of chemicals [80,000 and counting] released into the environment over the past few decades — from pesticides, plastics, food additives, and chemical-filled personal and household products.

Once some of these chemicals infiltrate your body ….and they do I can assure you then they can mimic the effects of thyroid-blocking estrogen and wreak havoc on your fat-burning ability.

What I am writing here is is NOT some scare tactic — it is a biological fact and scientists have documented that some male fish found in our lakes and rivers are actually CHANGING into females from all the excess fake estrogen they are absorbing!!!…Now that is scary!

Reason #3 for Estrogen Dominance…

The next major cause of estrogen dominance and fat gain after 40 is something every woman today is familiar with — excess stress.

When you are stressed, your body secretes powerful and essential hormone, cortisol, to help you deal with the stressful situation.

But if you are stressed continuously then your body produces cortisol non-stop and that is not good. To get enough biological material to produce that cortisol, Your body must steal it from progesterone!  ….and once again down go your progesterone levels.

Since the downside to lower progesterone is lower thyroid function, this takes the accelerator off your metabolism, once again fat starts to accumulate….We can’t win or can we?

We can Kick-Start our Metabolic Engine with This…

Yes there is good news: To get rid of that annoying padding piled onto your belly, hips, thighs and butt, there are 2 simple things we can do right now to counteract this estrogen dominance:

First, make as much of what you eat as clean and organic as possible. This will minimize your exposure to those fat-loss-blocking fake estrogens found in all the chemicals conventional food is treated with.

Second, remove as much stress as possible from your life…easier said than done I know but try hard to draw firm boundaries and make time for yourself to relax and unwind from your schedule. This in turn will keep your cortisol down and, therefore, your thyroid-stimulating progesterone up.

A Faster Way to Get Immediate Results…

there is no doubt that these two methods are effective but they can however take a long time to work given how estrogen dominant many women are.

Fortunately for us scientists have discovered a number of powerful — yet completely safe — herbs and other natural ingredients that can counteract these thyroid-suppressing effects of estrogen dominance.

What is even more, hundreds of scientific studies show that these natural metabolism-enhancing substances can actually bypass any hormone issues altogether, stimulating your cells to burn fat directly….Now that sounds good!

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==> 7 Metabolic Enhancers that will counteract your Estrogen Dominance

Please know this: Like you I am a female over 40 and its great to know that we are NOT doomed to forever gain weight as we age.

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We cannot win and its time to check out these 7 natural, safe metabolic enhancers now?

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To future fat loss!



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