• mommyem

    In the olden days the remedies people used are what today we would consider alternative medicine. A lot of these work just as well or better then all of todays drugs the doctors are told to push for the drug companies. Most of todays drugs have bad side effects or don’t cover all of the problem, and cause addictions or dependency. Alternative medicine is from nature so it has none of these problems. The only problem is that doctors won’t prescribe or approve alternative treatment and health insurance won’t cover it. The world would be a lot more healthy if more doctors and people would consider these more natural remedies.

  • vicki_waldner

    Different strokes for different folks. Some things work better for some people than they work for other’s – so not everyone likes the same remedy. Makes sense to me.

  • I have reactions to many meds so I always try the alternative route first. If it doesn’t work I had to traditional medicine.

  • kefer39

    my dad threw up every day since war two. I gave him comfrey. he stoped.throwing up. three friends had ulcers in there stomachs, gave them aloe cured in a week are two, my blood pressure was high. two doctors. three years no results. took golden seal. cured. I could go on and on and on and on.cured my osteoathritis by simply leaveing off junk foods.

  • nisha r

    prescription drugs are quick-fix solution.herbal is holistic approach.it require patience,failure at allopathy,right doctor and ofcourse its a last resort!

  • mnvikes8484

    i think its just a rebel against the establishment kinda thing. or people dont like the empircalness and limits of modern medicine, and they get in their head that something else is better and they convince they feel better so they think an alternative approach works

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