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    If you work in a health care environment, you will of course come across health related documents (unless you are in housekeeping or food service). So you will need to understand what these documents mean and say. The health care industry has many codes and terminology that are widely used. Without previous knowledge of medical terminology, you will be unable to fully understand these documents, what needs to be done, or where they or you need to go. Health care is a field where it is very important to minimize mistakes and misunderstandings.

  • Because I don’t want a surgeon standing over me with a scalpel in her hand saying, "Hepatic. So is that the stomach or the small intestine? Or is it the liver? Whatever."

    I’ve been in healthcare education for 20+ years and Medical Terminology is the first class our students must take before they decide if they want to be nursing assistants, nurses, radiologists, gynecologists, or pharmacists. Or surgeons.

    Medical Terminology is the building block, the first stepping stone, the first step in the stairway to your health career. (Substitute any equally trite or annoying comparison here.)

    What is truly amazing to me is how many students I catch cheating on their Basic Medical Terminology exams.

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