Why are men so deeply opposed to colon cleansing?

A clean colon is the foundation of good health you know.
Wow, calm down Elana. There are non invasive ways to clean a colon.
Homeopaths believe colon cleansing is an important part of good health – no one is asking you to.


  • In all seriousness, you’re right. People (as is apparent here) don’t realize that the colon collects lots of horrible things that cause illness. Most Americans don’t ingest nearly sufficient fiber to keep their colons clean naturally. If more knew what diverticulitis / diverticulosis is / are, they would.

    I think lots of men have some idea that being a "meat and taters" man is macho – and fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc are some kind of alien life form. Although, I do know of at least one male who most certainly consumes a great deal of fiber.

  • Elana

    > A clean colon is the foundation of good health you know.

    I did not know that. I’ll bet you have a source for such a statement, right?

    As for "why" – they don’t like to have things stuck up their butt – it reminds them of being the "bottom" in male-male sexual intercourse.

  • gypsy

    cause they dont want a pipe shoved up there forbidden area i presume

  • As amused as I was to read the responses, and as much as some of you want to take it to the back door you are mistaken. If someone is sticking something in your butt they are giving you an enema not a colon cleansing big big difference. A colon cleansing is something you drink or take a pill for usually over the course of a week. It cleans large and small intestines and depending on your normal diet can be quite intense. If you have a lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables in your diet it will not seen like as big a deal. Drink plenty of watter, which you should always do as many toxins will be getting flushed from your system. When you have done you week eat yogurt this will replace the good bacteria that your body needs to process your food correctly. One last thing don’t do this more than once every six months as your system is not meant to be over done.
    For those of you who are shure you want to be sticking something in someones back door an enema is for you. They are used to help people who are getting some sorts of medical treatment were they don’t want you have to go in the next couple of hours. They are also used when people cant go, usually because of meds or dehydration ask any one who works with old people. The only other time I know someone uses them is if they are expecting some company to be using the back door.

  • Terra Nullius

    I’ve never noticed this…they all seem pretty clean to give mine a good flushing with their man hose.

  • Son of a PropReno

    Well, cleanliness IS next to godliness after all..

  • been there done that

    it’s a pain in the as$.
    but we should have a colonoscopy or at least a sigmoidoscopy every 3 years.

  • WS killed by a cat!

    yah but they want a chick to have all kinds of things shoved up into that rectal area confounds the mind that something they are so horrified of is expected of women.

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