wht kind of natural remedies are great for children?

What kind of herbal remedies do you feel really work for your child?
Whether it’s resuce remedy, or a great herbal blend for tea..I would like to know what you use for your children, (or plan to use for your future children!)

My two year old son love love LOVES to drink herbal teas (no caffeine,just things like catnip, peppermint,chamomile and lavender etc.)
The best is the chamomile and lavender blend, which chills him right out~

Best answer gets 10 points..but I’ll give a bonus 10 imaginary points!!


  • Tony I

    I see that instead of anwering your question, some of the usual naysayers flocked here to squawk and warn you away from remedies instead of answering your question. If only they showed the same concern with all the kids asking about getting high and using illegal drugs, huh? I guess that is not part of their agenda.

    OK, first of all it is always a good idea to get a professional diagnosis for any lingering or serious condition, especially when it concerns a child. And secondly, it is a good idea to be careful and do your homework on any remedy you use as well as the source of the remedy.

    Having said that, I think it is worth noting that mankind has used nature and herbal remedies for themselves, including their children, for thousands of years. Most of the people in the world continue to do so, and many countries who rely predominately on herbal remedies are ranked above the U.S. in world health rankings – including two of the top three ranked countries. Each year, one would be hard pressed to find more than a couple of deaths or children worldwide attributed to herbal remedies, while many tens of thousands of children in the U.S. alone die from the side effects of mainstream drugs.

    The MSNBC story quoted is a blatantly misleading yellow journalism story concocted and planted by mainstream medicine proponents to try to gather support against the use of alteratives that threaten their profits. If you go the the NIH site for complimentary medicine you will actually find that the large majority of their studies conducted thus far have had positive results. The story merely cherry-picked a handful of studies and failed to disclose others for a sensationist story that is not borne out by actual facts. The story also neglected to disclose that study results only began being published three years ago or that most studies are still in progress. See:


    Sorry for the rebuttal, but it seems appropriate given the fact that the pack of naysayers flocked here to give their usual denials.

    OK, home remedies for children. I like colloidal silver a lot (true colloidal silver that is) for topical injuries as well as for sore throats and infections. Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, oil of oregano and echinacea are other good items. The old honey and apple cider vinegar remedy for a sore throat is hard to beat.

    Elderberry is another good remedy for sore throats.

    Ginger is great for nausea/upset stomach and is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

    Herbal teas such as you mention can be good items too, and the same is true for aromatherapy, especially when it comes to relaxation and lessening anxiety.

    Keeping a supply of cayenne pepper powder and raw honey around for cuts is a good idea. Cayenne pepper will stop bleeding in almost no time and raw honey is great for healing cuts. Manuka honey is the best.

    There is a long, long list of good home remedies that could be used for children, including remedies for sunburn, skin rash, boils, blisters, earache (and swimmers ear), headlice, itching, hiccups, insect repellants, pink eye, sties, natural toothpaste, nosebleed, stomach ache and more.

    For my own list of home and herbal remedies, see:


    Some of those remedies came from children themselver from around the world as part of an ESL student project. See:


    Of course, some of those should be taken with a grain of salt, but the site is worth a visit for both information and entertainment.

  • ep1909

    Most are sold by people with no medical training see a doctor

  • Ginger herbal tea helps for stomach aches but so does apple sauce or a fresh apple. It helps with aiding digestion. Pineapple works for the upset stomach as well. I just had some for my stomach!

  • Quite simply, if your child is ill it’s NOT appropriate or responsible to be guessing what the ailment is and dispensing quack cures. Any serious conditions can deteriorate rapidly, possibly beyond the help of medical specialists.

    Any responsible parent will not take such needless risks with their children’s lives and will take them to a doctor for an expert diagnoses.
    A few nice tasting teas might feel soothing but don’t kid yourself that they’ve got any miraculous healing properties.

    Oh and Rescue Remedy is an absolute scam; A cup of your chamomile and lavender tea probably has around a million times more flower extract than RR.

  • angrydoc

    If your kid is sick, don’t take the risk of giving them unproven remedies given by untrained "healers."

    Go take your kids to the pediatrician or the GP for vaccine shots and wellness visits. The doctor will monitor height, weight, and watch out for any problems they might have. Give them a balanced diet and maintain hygiene.

    Good luck! 🙂

  • Gary Y

    I urge you to be very skeptical about herbal remedies.

    Herbs, if they have an effect, are drugs. Only they are dirty drugs. They are typically handed out by people with little or no medical training. Quality and active ingredient quantity varies from supplier to supplier, season to season. Many have been found to be contaminated with heavy metal toxins. Safety, risks, interactions and contradictions are mostly unknown.

    The National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) have just spent 10 years and 2,5 billion dollars studying alternative medicines, only to find that most don’t work. See:

    So you have all the risk, and little benefit – and I don’t think it is a good idea to subject a 2 year old to this at all.

    I know its all very new agey and ‘natural’ etc – but remember that natural does not necessarily mean safe or good. Arsenic is natural.

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