• yogeshwargarg

    Health of course. What is the use of wealth if one is not in good health?A good healthy person can achieve wealth in due course of time but a wealthy person with poor health cannot purchase good health with his money.

  • PSW s

    wealth with out health is worthless.


  • Dr. Mojo M


    When wealth is lost Some thing has lost.

    When health is lost Every thing has lost.


  • aussieguy

    Oh PLEASE !!! This is a NO BRAINER !!!
    Let’s take two seperate examples and then it’s up to you to choose which one YOU think is the winner.
    1 – You have more money than you can ever possibly spend or give away responsibly. Think Bill Gates and you’re there ! Only problem is that you have a rare genetic disorder that is not fully understood or treatable. . . the result will be a very slow but sure decline in your physical and mental abilities over several years. This is inevitable. You feel humbled by your own mortality. This is something that you CANNOT buy.

    2 – You are poor but extremely strong and well physically. Your family’s genetics give you an enviable resilience in the face of illness and disease. Everyone in your family has survived epidemics and hunger easily and happily. This is the natural bounty that you will enjoy all your long long life. You do NOT have enough money to look ahead more than a few days but you have the certainty inside you that you will survive and go forward through life without too many problems.

    There is really no contest in this scenario, is there ?

    However, lets turn it on its head a bit.

    You are poor and genetically weak in health. You fall victim to an epidemic and die very young.

    You are stinking rich and have the strength and health of a true born survivor.

    THAT changes the picture somewhat, eh?

    So after all this idea crunching lets get real.
    If you can have good robust health and enough money to live your life happily and without real want then you’ve made it !! . . . . . . . .(That does NOT mean that you drive a Ferrari and have a private jet !!!).
    ok. Are you somewhat happier with your own lot in life now ???

  • bubbles

    Wealth can be valued at the price known to men but an excellent Health is priceless or invaluable.

  • Anthony F

    Believe Randy. People with money will spend all they have to get healthy again.

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