What's your opinion of natural and holistic health and wellness?

Does it work? My mom knows this friend from church who is into wholistic healing. I became interesting in it after watching those wellness shows and those personal trainers on the health channels.

Anyway, for years I’ve suffered from severe anxiety, depression and moderate asthma and I’m just wondering if those "natural methods" work. They seem interesting to me and in all honestly better than being loaded up with pills. I’m a vegetarian anyway and I don’t really like having to take so many gelatin pills. They are also expensive.

So what are your thoughts?


  • Aughbreigh

    Go for it!
    I suffer from a lot of the same things you do and it has helped me a lot!
    I also like the fact that by taking the natural products, not only is it not harmful to your body, but they can help heal and support other parts of your body too. I have been seeing a naturopath for 3 years and actually I now work with her. I have had success and all of our patients have had success too! Go for it!

    P.S. You can get vegetarian supplements as well.

  • most health problems are due to nerve interference from upper neck vertebral misalignment. the second biggest cause is medicine. your endocrine problems (adrenal-anxiety, asthma and thyroid-depression) are common examples. achlorhydria, often as yet undiagnosed, is frequently the real reason for an aversion to eating meat. such persons are often sickly from deficiencies in minerals from lack of hcl needed to chelate and absorb them and often osteoporotic even in young adulthood. see an hio method chiropractor.

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