Whats a good natural remedy for kidney Stone?

I do not have health insurance and I suffer from kidney stone. Anyone know any good remedies for kidney stone? Im in dire pain on my right back side and I need help.


  • Sudhakar B

    Homeopathic remedy of URTICA URENS – 200 – 15gms. pills plus BERBERIS – 200 – 15gms. pills
    should be purchased. Half an hour after every meal consume urtica pills 5 in numbers and 15
    minutes later consume berberis pills 5 in numbers. So do this after breakfast, lunch and supper.
    Avoid oxalic rich food such as all green vegetables, gooseberry, sapota, cashew nut and consume
    more of tender green coconut because it is diuretic. Also corn silk tea, barley water, bananas and
    almonds. Hope you recover fast because i did following the above when i had kidney stone.
    Good luck and God bless. Cheers!
    Don’t let stupid uninformed people tell you otherwise.

  • Robin Marchant

    Take out some health insurance. Wait a week then go to hospital

  • Psychobenzaprine

    Pee it out.

    This all-natural approach has been used by the ancient mystics of Wombat Island for over 9000 years!

  • Dr Olag Dante

    1stly, stop taking any calcium supplements! This only worsens the situation.

    There are some good remedies, but it all depends on the size and location of the stones.

    If your RFT(blood test) is normal, then I wld encourage more fluids.

    Some good remedies…Cystone (himalaya), Urocalun, Rowatinex…, they are all good, but I do not know by what name it comes in your country. U cld punch it into the internet and see what ingredients it contains. Taken in combination, it works very well.

    All the best.

  • grandmother63

    Try drinking a large amount of water, allow 20 minutes for digestion, and then run up and down stairs vigorously. This has been known to allow small, stubborn stones to pass naturally.

  • tod m

    Most stones are calcium. vinegar dissolves calcium.
    try Italian dressing on your salad, greek pepperoncini peppers and/or pickled artichoke hearts.

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