What to take natural to lower cholesterol?

Best natural supplement or foods that will lower cholesterol


  • Baelamoon♄

    Oats its oatbran or oat straw if you’re a grown man, 2000-4000 mg of oatbran a day from the vitamin store. if you have celiacs disease or are allergic to gluten do not take.
    Do not eat anything hyrdrogenated, cholesterol is good for you, it is the foods we eat that scar the arteries that allow the cholesterol to bind up in those scars thats bad.
    start off with 1 pill for a few days working up to a mg that you feel comfortable with. WARNING, may cause better sex, may cure depression/anxiety/ tension, may dull any cravings for alcohol/opiates/cigarettes etc. may make you Regular/cleanse your colon.

    helps thyroid problems and is anti thrombotic

    Good Luck check with your doc before taking ANY supplements Herbs are as powerful as drugs! a pharmacists will also be able to tell you contraindications of herbs with pharmaceuticals!

  • Caroline

    Oatmeal, Cheerios…

  • Reliv Now and Innergize.


  • Miss H.Kan

    Apple Cinnamon, Honey Nut, or Multigrain Cheerios… Oatmeal… Just like the other dude said with the cute puppy pic.

  • msi_cord

    I think the easiest way would be to watch what you eat. Avoid foods high in cholesterol and choose those low in cholesterol.

  • Do lots of exercise. You have to move a lot. Most important.

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