what to serve with a berry tart?

Hi! I know its early but I’m doing a little menu for valentines day and one of my dessert options is a ‘four berry tart’. What should I serve with this? Like custard, creme freche, cream, ice cream or nothing? Ideas please?! thanks x


  • If your tart is not overly sweet, I would serve it with good quality clotted cream or vanilla ice-cream, plus reduce down the juices from the fruit with little sugar and lemon juice to taste and serve in a small jug on the plate alongside.

    If it is very sweet, serve with creme fraiche or marscapone, depending on your personal tastes, maybe with a sprinkling of lime or orange zest.

  • Sarah


  • Rocket Queen

    I’d gently pour a little double cream over the point of it!
    Not too much just enough to look elegant… and maybe a bit of raspberry coulis on the other side literally a tiny teaspoon though

  • Billy

    If the tart is unsweetened or sour or Tarty then it wants something sweet tasting ( sugar free custard or Diet ( you wouldn’t believe it’s not Ice-Cream ) Ice-cream substitute )


    If the tart is sweetened with natural fruit juices or sweetener (Not Sugar) then something like Brandy Flavored Whipped Cream or thick Clotted Cream or Whipped Cream lookalike would be good .

  • Trish Thomas

    ice cream with a berry compote

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