What to do about thyroid condition?

Had several tests done on thyroid, was told multifunctional, and have a graves thyroid, but not graves disease. I took Methimazole for 3 months. Tests are now showing low normal, so was taken off meds, edno told me to come back in three months to see how I am feeling. I tried to explain to him that I am tired and have no motivation. I have been walking and dieting for several months, but still have not lost a pound, but gained water weight. My skin has went from moist to extremely dry, nails are still brittle, severe constipation. But on a good note, I am not having night sweats and am sleeping better. He told me I sound depressed because of my weight and should go to my family phyician, who is saying it is my thyroid. Has anyone been through this? Not sure what my next step should be. Does your thryoid have anything to do with sinus and staying plugged up all the time?
The endocrinologist told me that I have a graves thyroid, I had 2 hot spots, but the rest of my thyroid is sleeping. So, he put me on Methimazole and was on it for 3 months. My last blood test was on the low normal. He made the comment that women blame their thyroid for their weight. It not only is my weight but all the other symptoms I am feeling. I have been to my family doctor, who sent me to an ENT, then onto the Endo. I am going to do some more research on a new Endocrinologist.

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