what store can I buy colon cleanse from?

I want 2 diet so I am lookn 4 a colon cleanse such as Bromalite Colon Cleanse n sum thing 2 fight fat such as Acaiberry Detox


  • Teddybearcub

    local health food store

  • miggs

    Taco Bell its called a bean burrito.

  • Arthur

    Probably most health stores would have that.

  • elkdevel

    Talk to your DR. For one it is not healthy and it can cause adverse side affects. Stop watching tv info shows and exercise.

  • Arnel H

    I am nearly at the end of my 30 day colon cleanse – 5 days to go – I did my cleanse because I was becoming rather ill with rashes, itching allergies etc. Within 10 days the rashes has gone, itching had stopped etc, so I would certainly recommend doing one. Not just for the benefit of diet alone but to start getting rid of the toxic waste inside you.

    I had such a good experience with my cleanse that I had to write about the experience.

    I hope your cleanse / diet helps you as much as mine did me.

    I only lost 3 lbs, because I was still eating junk, which I am now trying hard to stop. Good luck.

  • I usually buy online and some even offer free trial if you’re unsure of the product. Most of these offers are almost free, you just have to pay for shipping.

  • Try Bowtrol hear a lot of good things about this and they have a special on at the moment!!

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