what natural remedies have you tried that you believe worked?

example. my mom puts a orange slice on my ringworm. did it really work sometimes or did it go away on its on


  • Lori S

    I could literally write a book on this one! I did a Home Remedies seminar at my church last year and the response was overwhelming as so many people are looking for these simple yet effective cures. I will give you a few as I wouldn’t have the space or time here to list them all. I have been self studying for more than 26 years.
    Onion poultices for any lung ailment (pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitis). This also works for ear infections (we’ve used it with great success!).
    1 teaspoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, twice a day for 3 days to keep from getting a cold (take at first symptoms).
    Lobelia (herb) for miscarriage (instead of needing a D&C~again, used it with great results as I was scheduled for a D&C!)
    Beet juice (homemade) or the "Coke and Asparagus cure for kidney stones. I have seen both work.
    Clear nail polish coated on ring worm twice a day kills it.
    Honey for all cold sores (herpes simplex I & II). Keep applied till gone.
    Raw Garlic for everything from lowering cholesterol to clearing up illness. Garlic is a wonder food.
    Activated charcoal for gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach viruses, food poisoning, and even to clear up wounds within days. Wonder item!!!
    common tea bags (make tea water to drop into eyes) for pinkeye or conjunctivitis. Wipes it out in one day or overnight~guaranteed.
    Hawthorn berries for heart health in all ways.
    Cranberry juice or cranberry leaf extract for UTI.
    A garlic douche for candida albicans (yeast infection).
    Cut onion for pulling out poisons such as spider venom.
    sliced onions on feet for pulling out fevers.
    Calcium intake to get rid of symptoms of calcium deficiency such as eye tics (spasms) and charlie horses.
    Ginger for upset stomach or motion sickness. Either sip a tea made from this or chew on a small piece raw. Take a hot ginger bath (3 tbls) to help pull out toxins if coming down sick to lessen severity of illness.
    Blackberries (especially tea made from roots) eaten will help to lessen and take away diarrhea. Blackberry juice will also help.
    Olive oil, lemon juice, and Epsom salts to clean out gallstones naturally (pain-free) without surgery.
    Oats and garlic will lower cholesterol.
    Freshly reamed lemon juice will wipe out poison ivy and oak within days. Just ream a lemon, apply juice with a cotton ball to all affected areas, twice a day and symptoms will disappear like magic within hours. You may have to repeat several times, but you will be amazed at how quickly this stuff works to clear up the rash.
    Onion syrup for coughs.
    I could go on, but no time or space. Will leave site for one of my favorite books for reference to some of these remedies and more. I love this book and have bought it as a gift for many people. I also have gained insight from other books, internet, and other people.
    The last resource has a book I love and it is on a website (this is the store, but it will have a resource for herbal_remedies, a yahoo group) I belong to and enjoy. Check it out.
    Hope all this helps!

    P.S. I am sure the orange worked as orange oils have anti-viral properties and ringworm is a virus. I will add your input to my files and will try in the future as this is safer for the body than the chemicals in clear nail polish! The nail polish works as it smothers the virus (it cuts off all oxygen), but I like the orange idea better! So thanks!

  • ξѷ☼₰ƱϡÏǾҋ

    honey and lemon for a sore throat, this is a natural remedy that does work.

  • Alexandra E

    for mensual pains…

    1/3 vinegar
    2/3 hot water, as tolerated

    soaked in a towel, cloth, whatever….. place it on the tummy and tadaa! pain free =)

  • Nashvegas

    This worked for me for a cold sore:
    Wash your face with mild soap to clean the cold sore area. Once that area is clean and dry, apply some hydrogen peroxide to the cold sore with a cotton ball or cotton swab. Keep applying hydrogen peroxide to the sore for a couple of minutes or until the white bubbles are not as strong. Rinse with water then pat dry with a paper towel.

  • My mother swore by a horrible tasting mixture of honey and fresh garlic for her arthritis.
    Whether due the mixture or coincidence she no longer had pain in her fingers and wrists.

  • windstarhealing

    Wow, some wonderful remedies! I have some more..

    Nettles and Flax seed oil for allergies (1 capsule of each twice a day…it works wonders for my son)
    Lavender oil in cool water for burns (10 drops per cup of water), as Lavender is an herbal specific for it. You can also put Lavender oil in a carrier oil (olive, preferably and 5 drops per tsp)) to use on sunburns right away but for the more serious burns use the water treatment as oil would keep the heat in somewhat.
    Astragulus root to stay healthy during the winter…it’s a gentle immune support.

    I have so many more..

    I am at windstarhealing.webs.com if you have any more questions. Take care!

  • Well Ed, that’s a good question! How do we know that this stuff works and the problem hasn’t just gone away on its own?

    The truth is that none of these ‘cures’ you read about here actually work at all! Medicine has some very complicated and expensive tests that can show that these ‘remedies’ don’t actually work and if the problem was left alone, then it would have sorted itself out. If it worked, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for doctors to use oranges instead of expensive medicine wouldn’t it?

    For every one of the times when someone says "I used lemon/vinegar/herbs/fairy dust and it worked!" there’s fifty people who tried it, had no result, so went to the doctor/pharmacist anyway.

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