what natural herbal remedies can be used for menapausal cancer patient?

the menapause was brought on by the cancer,is there a safe herbal treatment normal medicines cannot be used due to post cancer?

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  • pinkcinnamon3

    I would recommend you go to see a homeopathic doctor who can give you some specific remedies tailored to the person. A good one that I know of is Sepia 30CH…but you should see a homeopath. Homeopathic remedies are the SAFEST medicines in the whole world. They do not interact with any medications or treatments and cause absolutely no side effects. They work 100% of the time if the remedy matches the symptom. Try them out! Its the only 100% safe alternative. Some herbs you can use are black cohosh, sage extract, Evening Primrose oil or Dong Quai…but if the person is on medications, then I wouldnt use herbs. The evening primrose might be ok because its a oil from a flower. Alot of menopause symptoms show themselves because our livers are so overtaxed that they cant filter our hormones properly. A simple safe way to help out your liver is to take the juice of an organic lemon in a cup of warm water every morning as a little mini safe liver cleanser. That can help a bit too. But please seek out a natural practitioner, you can ask your local health food store because they normally have a list of names of good ones that they come accorss. Good luck!

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