What is your opinion as to why health insurance costs so much?

We recently got a quote for health insurance for 4! That is with employer paying half of employee’s portion. Am I crazy or is this a bloated amount?


  • Sid P

    Of course health insurance is very costly today even in a group plan. You may be better off looking into health insurance for "yourself" only and not subjected to the groups loss ratios. It’s worth checking into if your health is good and then at least you’ll know if you can do better elsewhere. The other advantage is if your company chooses to drop their group plan or you leave this job you will not be affected. Know your options!

  • californiacathe

    Because illegal immigrants are sucking our health system dry and we get to pay for it.

  • kattpitt

    There is no single answer, but one of the reasons is in the complexity of health services delivery. You can protect yourself from high costs by buying smart. Combine a HIGH DEDUCTIBLE individual insurance with MySimpleCard and get the max benefit for the minimum monthly premium. Or get MySimpleCard by itself.

  • Christopher W

    Stay the hell away from "Discount Cards" in lieu of health insurance. Read their fine print – those benefit plans take your money, pretending to be real insurance companies, until you have an injury or illness. Then you find out you only get a "discount" at the doctor and hospital.

    The reason your group plan costs more is because they have to insure every possibility in the group. It’s best to get medically underwritten (if you’re healthy) and get an individual plan. You can compare them all here:


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