What is the sexual and health education in America like?

I know before I start that this will sound mean, but… I live in Australia, and we have about a year and a half of sexual education in total that is compulsory in school.

I just wanted to know what Americas sexual education is like, because, quiet frankly most of the people don’t understand that having unprotected sex will get you pregnant. Or if after having unprotected sex and missing you period for a couple of months means you’re pregnant. And these are some of the more intellectual questions.

I don’t know a single person my age where I live who would not know this and it made me wonder if Sexual education in America is actual mandatory… And sorry for sound so mean and judgmental, I know not everyone is that ignorant.
The way I had it, which is almost completely the same throughout Australia, we had a seminar on how babies are born in Prep( first year at school) as well as the different parts of male and female, in grade 2 how babies are formed, grade 4 what sex is, grade 6 was puberty and why people have sex. Then in year 8 we did the whole safe sex and sexual diseases thing, and in year 9 it was basically the same but we only did a few classes on it.

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