What is the quickest home remedy for riding of acne?

I’ve got a swimming carnival coming up and I want to have fun not worry that everyone is starring at my ugly skin any home remedies for riding of acne along with approximately how long they will take to work would be greatly appreciated!
Thx 🙂


  • wootiepapa

    Aside from using anti-acne remedies (watch out for those, lots of them are very bad for your health), control your diet. I know lots of persons say diet and acne aren’t related, but I assure you, since I started eating really properly (I’ll get to examples soon), my acne has started to fade. I also use a lot of natural remedies (lemon juice on the pimples, organic honey to heal the wounded skin, rubbing tea bags after making green tea all over my skin, washing my face carefully with sea salt no more than twice a day by soaking my head in it, I never use a washcloth, and always ending that routine by putting my face in cold water, plus I only use source water, no tap water). This may all seem very freaky, but I’ve had mild acne for years (I didn’t care, it wasn’t bad), but then I thought hey, why not cure it, but I made it worse by eating the wrong things (that I thought were good), and now I really want the acne to cure.

    So, about the diet :
    – Drink lots of water (50% of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water).
    – Drink 2 cups of green tea every day.
    – Avoid all processed foods like sugar, chips, pizza, …
    – The best diet you could have is a High Protein but Low Glycemic Load diet. What this means is that you need to focus on getting more protein into your body, and minimize the Glycemic Load of every food you eat. You can look all the necessary information about every food here :
    Now, also take a look at the inflammatory factor of everything you eat, and try to make that number as positive as possible.

    Examples of good food :
    – Broccoli
    – Carrots
    – Spinach
    – Lemons (juice/raw)
    – Apples (don’t overdo fruit, but they contain great vitamins).
    – Almonds (the best kind of nuts, don’t eat walnuts)
    – Organic (!!!! don’t eat meat full of hormones, get meat from free-range farms) meat
    – Fish
    – Brown rice is okay

    Foods to avoid (I thought the first three were okay, they made my acne worse) :
    – Dairy
    – Bread and other wheat food (contains gluten), especially white rice/bread/pasta. Pasta and Bread aren’t very good overall.
    – Candy (very important, one of the worst things you could be eating, it gave me 3 fresh pimples)
    – Chips
    – Fried food

    Just try to eat like a caveman : meat, some fruit, maybe nuts, and vegetables (vegetables are very very good, especially the ones I mentioned, they are very anti-inflammatory and have loads of vitamins)

    Change your habits :
    – Don’t touch your face with your hands, always gently care for your skin.
    – Relax, and be happy, don’t think about the acne.
    – Exercise and carefully remove the sweat after every workout.
    – Don’t be afraid of the sun, but it’s not the right time to get a tan.

    I wish you best of luck, I know how annoying acne is. I know you want this to clear fast, but you might just make it worse by using bad products. Maybe visit a dermatologist, he will tell you diet isn’t that important, but hey, a healthy diet isn’t something he can sell you huh? On the other hands, some people do get good results from a visit to a dermatologist. I never visited one, but I’m sure there are doctors with a lot of experience.

    If nothing works, maybe try going to http://acne.org, although I don’t recommend it. The owner of the website "cured" acne with his own medication, and sells it. He also says diet does nothing, but his product contains things I’d rather not get on my skin.

  • JessicaS

    Home remedy sometimes are not quick enough. I use Niapads – easy and effective acne care.

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