What is the chemical reaction if…?

What would happen if I get a lime and put a little bit of copper foil over it and wrap around it with a thick thread and leave it in a 2 litre bottle full of water for 3 nights? Would the lime and foil disappear?


  • Caroline Miller

    the pH of lime juice = 2-2.4
    Cu is not readily reactive to HCl it takes a realtviely high concentration of H+ to react with the Cu. plus, adding it to water will only dilute the acid from the lime. nothing will happen.

  • Mary Mary

    The lime would react with the water to produce calcium hydroxide.
    CaO + H2O –> Ca(OH)2
    This is only just slightly soluble in water.
    So, the solution would become slightly milky with a pH of just over 7 and some of the white Ca(OH)2 would sink to the bottom.
    Nothing would happen to the copper.

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