What is the best natural remedy for stomach viruses/bugs?

Children always have something going around school. What can I do for mild diarrhea, gas/flatulance, etc.? Thank you.


  • Zene Purrs ♫♥♫♥

    Empty the contents of an acidophilus capsule into your child’s drink (milk preferably) and give them daily like this if they are old enough to swallow capsules. This will help to keep the tummy bugs at bay and will help with mild diarrhea and flatulence. If they will eat live natural yogurt this would also help. If you cook rice add turmeric to the cooking water as this is great for flatulence. Chamomile tea can help with any mild spasm associated with an upset tummy. If the diarrhea is not mild you will need to seek medical advice however as this can be serious, especially in the young and elderly and you need to rule out an infection with a potentially serious bug.

    Children do need milk for growth but if they have diarrhea it it might be wise to avoid giving them milk until they have recovered as it can sometimes make matters worse. But if the child is under 2 seek medical advice first…even in cases of mild diarrhea. Resume milk once the diarrhea has cleared up. Don’t forget the probiotics (acidophilus/live yogurt) during the diarrhea phase and continue afterwards for optimum health. You can also find proprietary acidophilus drops for infants in some larger pharmacies/health stores.

    Best wishes 🙂

  • thisemailaddresssucksbigtime

    Fiber, hot soup and lots of love.

  • wanna be a mommy*need baby dust*

    do you no about the yakult one a day drinks,with the natural bacteria in,there fantastic,whenever ihave a stomach bug,i have one of those and feel better very quickly,they stop you from being sick too 🙂

  • Mishell

    Not alot you can do while they are sick but keeping your kids fit & healthy is the best preventative medicine. Still your kids need to build an immune system so having all of these harmless little virus’ are not a bad thing. Just make sure they don’t get dehydrated while they are sick.

  • Stephen T

    try probiotics. Our intestinal tract is full of "good" bacteria that is essential for digestion. If the natural balance of bacteria is off it can cause the symptom’s your talking about. Probiotics are good bacteria (microorganisms) that you take in capsule form. Totally natural non-drug and safe for kids. If that doesn’t work perhaps the child has a food allergy or is lactose intolerant (we lose the natural enzymes for digesting milk around age 5 ). A food elimination diet could tell you if indeed your child has either.

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