• homeopathy heals

    L-theonine can lower blood pressure and Norephinephrine levels.Much of our food is GMo and processed.Eat organic whole foods.Take natural food supplements,like spirulina.Organic whey protein.Amino acid deficiencies are linked to mental health problems and B vitamin deficiencies.

  • Take one Anger Pill a day.

    You bottle it up in a capsule then unleash it.

  • Exercise vigorously. It’s free. You can also punch your friend, but he might hit you back.

  • cross-stitcher

    The best thing to combat anger would be laughter.

  • teandbikkies

    Exercise, long walk in fresh air is a good one.

    Worst case senario … put pillow on wall and punch.

    Long walk is probably the best.

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