What is the best alternative to the 80gb IPod Classic and why?

Im looking for a large capacity mp3/video player to take travelling.

Around 80gb will be sufficient.

What is the best option other than the 80gb Ipod?

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  • pokeeto2

    I’m an iPod person, and Obviously I will recommend an iPod. But go out & try out other players if you wish. Though I find it tough to beat an 80gb iPod classic for $249 & a battery life of up to 40 hours. You can circle the globe twice & still have some juice left.

    Plus the entire iPod line has the biggest amount of accessories available out of all Music Players in market.

    You can try a Zune, which I’ve heard has better sound but I’ve heard the Music Store is Awkward to use & there’s not as many accessories available for it if you every want to spice it up & make more use out of it. & the Battery life doesn’t compare to what iPod Classic gets.

    I don’t follow the words of those who say that iPods have poor sound quality. It’s sounds fine to me & even better when you use a Good Set of headphones like those that silent sound like Bose ( Thats if you do a lot of air travel)

    It’s entirely your call.

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