What is good cholesterol?

I’m looking for a list of foods that are good, and foods that lower your cholesterol!


  • Mr. Dan

    NOT from wikipedia…like ^

    good cholestreol is HDL..basically removes cholestreol from the arteries..so it’s a good thing

    i’d say to use fish/flax seed oils because they have omega 3 fatty acids which reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure

    even though shrimp have a bad rep for it’s high cholesterol content..many experts believe that because of it’s fatty acid..it balances out the bad cholestreol. Steamed or grilled that is..not fried.

    some other foods include: nuts (almonds), oats, and fish.

    basically anything that is poly or monounsaturated fat (good fats) will lower your chances of heart disease

  • Jeanjean

    Good cholesterol … High density lipoprotein

    High-density lipoproteins (HDL) form a class of lipoproteins, varying somewhat in their size (8-11 nm in diameter) and contents, that carry cholesterol from the body’s tissues to the liver.

    Because HDL can remove cholesterol from atheroma within arteries, and transport it back to the liver for excretion or re-utilization, they are sometimes called "good cholesterol". When measuring cholesterol, any contained in HDL particles serves as protection to the body’s cardiovascular health. (In contrast to "bad" LDL cholesterol.)

    As soluble fiber passes through the intestines it forms a gel and binds with certain digestive acids (bile acids) made by your liver. It then promotes their excretion as waste. Because the liver uses cholesterol to make bile acids, it must draw cholesterol from the body in order to make more. The net result is a reduction in cholesterol absorption and a net decrease in total and LDL cholesterol levels.

    Good sources of soluble fiber are:

    Oat bran
    Rice bran
    Beans like garbanzo, kidney, soy, black and navy beans
    Peas like green and split peas
    Psyllium (found in products like Metamucil®)
    Certain fruits like strawberries, citrus fruits, apples and pears
    Certain vegetables like carrots, broccoli and brussel sprouts.
    Aim for a variety of fruits and vegetables each day; incorporate oat and barley products for breakfast or as side dishes and don’t forget to add legumes like beans, lentils and split peas to your meals. An added bonus is that these foods are also relatively low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals and contain powerful antioxidant power – all dietary keys to good heart health.

    If your diet is currently low in fiber and you want to increase your fiber intake do so slowly and make sure you drink adequate water. If you increase your fiber too quickly without adequate fluids you risk constipation.

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