What is colon cleansing?

i have no idea
is it when us ladies clean our vagina??


  • Veronica

    In order to understand colon cleansing we need to know a little about the function of the colon and the way that toxins are able to damage the colon and the rest of the body. This information will then allow us to understand the nature of proper and safe colon cleansing. Safe colon cleansing is more then just the removal of digestive wastes from our colon. It is the process whereby toxins can be removed from our body because we have a clean colon.

    Our large intestine, also know as our bowel or colon, is 1-2 meters (3-6 ft) long. The colon stores and then removes wastes that our body is unable to digest. By the time the food has reached the colon the body has absorbed most of the nutrients that it can from the material. What remains is:

    Water and electrolytes such as sodium and chloride
    Plant fiber that is indigestible
    By-products of normal digestion – for example protein contains nitrogen that is converted to ammonia and urea
    Dead cells shed from the lining of the digestive tract
    Massive bacterial population – probiotics
    The friendly bacteria (probiotics) carry out many vital functions. They:

    Lower the pH making the environment unsuitable for disease producing microbes
    Encourage the movement of the colon so that the material can pass through and this be eliminated
    Influence the digestion of vitamins A, B and K as well as lactic acid
    Ferment the indigestible dietary fiber to produce butyric acid – this is the main energy source for the cells of the colon. Low butyric acid levels have been associated with inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer.
    During the 12-24 hours that the waste material is passing through the colon most of the water in the material is absorbed – usually more than 1 litre (2 pints) per day.

    This is the normal functioning of a clean colon. A colon functioning well means that there is little residue in the colon and the material passes through it quickly. However there are a number of things that can go wrong. Lifestyle and poor nutritional habits can weaken the digestive system and cause digestive problems that afflict many in the population. Some of the factors that weaken digestion include:

    Allowing insufficient time for eating and digestion
    High levels of stress
    A diet high in saturated fats and sugars and low in fiber
    Excessive salt intake
    Insufficient fluids
    Insufficient exercise
    Excessive intake of alcohol
    Smoking – if you smoke then join a quit smoking program
    Medications and other drugs
    Other chemicals and additives in foods
    All of these factors mean that the colon is not in does not work as well as it should. The environment is not conducive to friendly bacteria and the balance of flora in the colon is disturbed. When waste food, with its content of toxins, is sitting, and probably fermenting in the colon a number of things can happen.

    The slower the material is in passing the more toxins are absorbed into the blood stream, along with the water and electrolytes.
    As a result of the fermentation and other chemical reactions new toxins are produced and they too can be absorbed into the blood stream. This increases the workload on our kidneys.
    Many toxins absorbed from the colon are stored in areas of the body – such as the liver. The substances stored in the liver will gradually damage the liver with harmful consequences to almost every aspect of your health.
    Many of the harmful substances cannot be stored in the liver – so they need to go elsewhere. Many are stored in fatty tissue (as well as other areas of the body) – again causing problems

  • hooyutoo2

    No, the "backside"

  • Jammie_♥

    Having a bowl movement. In other words going poo….

  • Roberto C

    omg …..no
    its when your cleaning out your colon and its not for girls only

  • Bandit

    No.Colon clensing is the cleaning of your lower intestine.

  • lemon head

    no! that’s douching, what youre referring to. colon cleansing has something to do with cleaning your colon (bowels, digestive tract, that system, yano ..). could have to do something with eating a lot of fiber and things that make you go to clean out your digestive system

  • katie

    no…lol its not really at all to do with vagina cleaning…
    actually colon cleansing…well best put…check out this website. Its a clean scientifical description…

  • Ocean A

    no, its not that area. The colon is your poo tract. a colon cleanse is when you do things to "clean" up your internal body. check out this site

  • poopy head

    Its when a doctor cleans out your colon with a spork.

  • rustoria617

    As used on here, it refers to the stupid notion that we need to "cleanse" our colon for health reasons. Pure, unadultrated BS! Just messes up the delicate balance of normal bowel flora.

    Medically, it’s an intensive procedure to empty the colon of all fecal material, done usually for bowel surgery, or more commonly, for a colonoscopy. Liquid diet for a day, then a big dose of phosphate laxative.

  • dymond

    It’s like changing your oil in your car –you flush all the garbage out of your intestines and replace it with clean fluid.It’s related to bowel movements,men have them also .It has nothing to do with douching your vagina.

  • snvffy

    Colon cleansing is the commercial term for getting and enema. It’s about the same as people selling sea shells to people at the beach. Save your money.

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