• Jack Daniels mix with Coca-Cola plus little bit of lemon juice (to your preference). Give it a try! You will like it…

  • pat Williams

    One ice cube OR a splash (about 1T per ounce of JD) of water. Otherwise don’t mess with it.

  • Jessica

    Jack and Coke is a really good mix, but I usually avoid sodas because that will make you sicker…

    Try using sweetened tea (like swiss farms or turkey hill brand)… I’ve personally never had Jack and iced tea but I’ve had scotch and iced tea (in China) and it was good.

  • YahooMF!

    I mix an amasing, rather simple whiskey drink called an #AppleJack! basically: one part JD! two parts organic Apple Juice; splash of pineapple juice, seltzer water! add crushed or ice cubes and finish w a crisp slice of a green apple! YuM! (burp) :))

  • nobody important

    1/2 jack daniels, 1/4 cherry vodka and 1/4 monster energy. i love hard liquor. and m,onster energy drinks. try it out.

  • Alex K

    If you really want to enjoy Jack or any other good spirits…

    One way is to have a double shot on the rocks, with a splash or more of water to taste the flavor.

    Not many people can straight shot it. Which is also called "neat".

    When you add just a little water… the sweetness and flavor of the Bourbon or whiskey comes out.


  • Johnka

    water or a real whisky (Scotch).

  • personally id say coke. alternativley try it with some lemonade (bit more refreshing) if you want someonthing to send ou to sleep try warm milk and whiskey.

    ideally id say have it straight or on the rocks. 2 or 3 cubes maybe.

    if you want a real nice non mixing whiskey check out some of the real bourbons like Makers mark and Jonnie Walker, both nice kentucky bourbons.

    my personal taste is for scotch single malts. Laphroig or Jura etc etc.

  • Personally I like mixing Jack with Sprite…. it’s really tasty.

  • Snowflake

    I basically always drink Jack Daniels with Coke. It’s reeeeeal good

  • Coca Cola for sure with ice.. Nothing beats that.

  • Alan B

    green ginger

  • Charlene


  • Ice and coca cola or diet.

  • Andrea

    coca cola is the best match

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