what does a thyroid condition and lack of sexdrive?

my wife and i use to have a very active sexlife and here lately its been , well, very dull, speaking mainly of lack of a sexdrive from the wife side of this marriage. i need some helpfull info on this problem . ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY !!!


  • TasselLady

    Thyroid conditions CAN cause some of these problems. The thyroid makes chemicals that help regulate sex drives. Is she on any other medications that may contribute to this problem??? Hormone changes, stress, sickness and other factors can lead to this problem. Urge her to go to a doctor and get checked to rule out any physical problems. If nothing is found, then evidently it’s a psychological problem which needs to be addressed. I urge you and your wife to do this soon. Evidently it appears that your sex drive is much stronger than that of your wife’s. Please get this checked by a doctor first to be sure there’s nothing physically wrong.

  • Willow

    go buy a cosmopolitan magazine

    im being serious dude.

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