What causes high cholesterol?

How is cholesterol levels increased in our bodies? What foods raise cholesterol levels and should be avoided..


  • It's Common Sense

    The way cholesterol is treated by the medical community falls just short of being fraudulent.

    They claim that you should avoid foods high in cholesterol in favor of those low in cholesterol – yet, those who follow this advice (vegetarians) have cholesterol problems, too. Yes, we do get 25% of our cholesterol from food, but this cholesterol is stored until it is needed.

    Where the fraud comes in is, the pharmaceutical companies have capitalized on the term "bad" cholesterol to sell their products that not only do little good in controlling cholesterol, but they also have possible side effects that cause even more serious problems or death.

    It’s interesting to not that cholesterol is tested for by taking a blood sample from a vein in the arm – yet, there has never been a documented case of cholesterol ever clogging the veins. Venous blood moves much slower than arterial blood and would thus be more inclined to become blocked before the arteries.

    The reason the arteries become clogged is because of chronic dehydration and insufficient urine output.

    Dehydration thickens the blood and turns it acidic. The blood loses even more water as it passes through the lungs because of the water lost from breathing. The tissues of the arteries in the heart and those leading to the brain become vulnerable to the shearing pressure of the acidic blood and become damaged with minute tears and abrasions.

    To prevent this damage from peeling off and traveling to the brain or other organ as an embolism, cholesterol forms and covers and protects the damaged tissues like a waterproof bandage until they can be repaired.

    But since the medical profession teaches doctors to treat with medication instead of water (prescribing water is not profitable), dehydration isn’t recognized as the initial cause of health problems. Medications are band-aids that only hide the problem. Only water can treat the underlying cause.

  • Silly Goose

    Poor diet, lack of exercise, and bad genes…

  • google it man………u’ll get loads of info

  • James

    Certain types of foods do have an affect on cholesterol, but they’re not the ones you think.

    Most people think that eat fat and cholesterol will raise your cholesterol. That’s wrong. I’m on a low carb high fat diet and have been for nearly 2 years. I get most of my calories from fat. My cholesterol has steadily IMPROVED over the last two years. And I started off pretty good to begin with.

    Dietary fat and cholesterol will cause your good HDL cholesterol to go up, but not by a huge amount. And besides – it’s the kind of cholesterol you want.

    The foods that cause bad cholesterol to go up are the foods that cause inflammation. That is primarily sugars and starches – particularly sugar and wheat. Avoid them.

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