What are your feelings on universal health-care?

This is NOT a political question. I am NOT interested in hearing about your opinions on Obama/McCain. I was just wondering how you felt about universal health-care in general(The type that they have in France, England, Canada, etc.)


  • mle111190

    We need to find a balance. Of course, every person deserves to have access to free or affordable health care. However, if health care was to become completely funded by the government, with no side private companies, then I know that a lot of doctors would simply quit working because they would not get paid nearly as much and because it just wouldn’t work the same way. I think that the best solution will provide free, government-funded health care for those who want it, but will allow private practices to continue running for those who can afford it and prefer that type of service. THat way the lines won’t be too long and everyone will be taken care of. =]

  • Love it.

  • Xemkis

    i think it’s totally bogus. it would make us 50 percent closer to bieng a completely socialist nation.

  • Christine

    Since I’m not familiar with it (I’m in the U.S.) I’m not sure of its effectiveness. I know that the American system is broken, and I have no idea whether universal healthcare would solve it. My personal opinion is that it wouldn’t. A lot of people from other countries with universal healthcare come to the States for procedures that they’d have to wait years for in their own country. It costs a ton to get it done here, so that just goes to show how desperate they are for quality healthcare, that they’d be willing to pay so much!

  • Bob T

    It’s good but some people abuse it, making it more expensive for everyone else. Some people have nothing better to do than sit at the hospital and try to get some pain killers for every little ache & pain.
    Some doctors abuse it too by having patients return weekly for needless follow up visits, costing tax payers more money.

  • veghead

    I am all for it. The benefits are great. No one in the country is uninsured, that’s justu nheard of. Plus it’s about two times less expensive than what we have here in the United States. People still get to pick their doctors, and they get the best treatment for the worst possible diesease. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO WITHOUT MEDICAL CARE!

  • Bob S

    WOOT it’s the greatest thing any country can do for its people. yaya omg you have to help other people but in the end it’s you that is also getting help. And its not like doctors and drugs cost thousands of dollars like in the states besides the government pays for all that because every one pitches in to help one another…. also as a side note its hard to price your own health if you have cancer do you think your life is worth $100 000 (i’m just guessing how much years of kemo is worth sorry if i’m off). thats not fair to judge and no one should have to make that call your. the government (when i say government i mean your tax dollars because that is what the government is) should pay to help you keep healthy.

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