What Are The Symptoms Of Dementia?

People who are growing older may not realize that they are exhibiting the signs of Dementia. Though people think that memory loss is the one sign of dementia, it is not the only one. With Dementia, the symptoms of the condition can come on gradually over time, and they can be so gradual that people may not notice that something is happening to them. Here is a list of the most common symptoms associated with Dementia.

Impaired Judgment

A sign that someone may be developing Dementia is the fact that they are doing things that they would not normally do. A lapse in judgment may mean something like a person who has always gone to work on time, may suddenly decide to not go to work at all. If the friends and family members of a relative suddenly notice that person acting strange, and doing things they know are risky or dangerous, then this is a sign that something may be going on at a mental level.

Problems with Balance and Mobility

Another sign of Dementia may be the fact that people are having issues with how they are walking around. However, other than Dementia, there are other medical conditions that can impair the way that someone is moving around. Issues with vertigo, which is a problem with the three bones of the ear, can also give people an appearance of almost drunk-like movement where they do not have good balance. However, if the inner ear is just fine, then problems with balance and mobility can be diagnosed as Dementia.
Loss of Time

There can be many reasons why someone may lose a day or two, or even several hours in a single day. Sometimes people who work nights may lose track of time because they are wide awake during the night when their body clock is used to being asleep during this time. Another reason for people to lose time is being sick, and sometimes with a fever, people can suddenly not know what day it is. However, for people with Dementia, the loss of time is from a problem with their brain cells that are literally having them lose hours at a time.

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Another sign that something is going on with a loved one is the fact that they are forgetting to take a shower and keep clean. While sometimes people get busy and forget to tend to their hygiene, but a habit of forgetting to shower, or even change clothes, on a regular basis is definitely a red flag that this may be more than just being too busy to keep clean.
As people get older, it is normal for them to change, but if more is going on with them then grey hair and wrinkles, then that is a sign that something may be going on like a diagnosis of Dementia. People may not realize that something is going on with them, but there are signs of the condition such as lost time, forgetting to take a shower and change clothes, and a serious lapse of judgment. If friends and relatives are in trouble, then the signs of Dementia are bound to be noticed by someone, and an appointment can be made with a physician for an examination to find out the truth.