what are the causes of cholesterol?

Hello firiends,

As my little knowledge that every diseass must have a cause or a reason or a certain factor, as I hear that cholesterol is a high level of fat in the blood, and this cause blood pressure and could effect to make more health problems,
my question: is the cholesterol a self-acquired disease or a genetic disease, in case of the father or the mother has it, there is a chance to happend to the child? or any other causes? or eating habits that effect it? and how to keep the cholesterol under control?
any additional information will be high appreciated,


  • Boreas

    Cholesterol is definitely a factor of what you eat. Avoiding animal products such as eggs, milk, and meats will usually eliminate high cholesterol. There is some genetic component to cholesterol as well, however, a diet low in animal products will often mitigate this.

    Here is a list of foods highest in cholesterol which you should AVOID:

    Also, avoid eating margarine or "hydrogenated" vegetable fats, as they are even worse for your heart health. Good luck!

  • Taylor

    I’m not sure if genetics have anything to do with it, but I know that eating habits certainly do. Eating foods that are high in fat case it. You can help to keep it under control by choosing the right foods. (mostly veggies and whole grains, while leaving out deep fried stuff. )

  • Krysoprase

    Cholesterol is a type of fat and your body needs it to survive. If you don’t eat it your body will make it itself. If you eat a diet high in fat particularly saturated fats this can cause problems with your (blood) circulatory system because of high levels of a type of cholesterol in your blood. So doctors recommend that it is kept down to a safe level either by diet alone or additionally with drugs to stop these diseases happening.
    Some people are affected more by this than others and yes these are sometimes passed from generation to generation.

  • AudioPhilia


    More likely predisposed when an immediate family member also has it (just like Diabetes or Cancer, perhaps)

    More like to acquire it if you have an unhealthy diet filled with "bad" fats (trans fats, high cholesterol foods, etc)

    And Three (which is something they don’t tell you) your race.
    Some races are more predisposed to cholesterol accumulation in the blood/body because the darker the skin, the harder it is for the sun to convert the cholesterol in the system through the same methods that Vitamin D is processed. I don’t know the whole process step by step, but if you google about it, I’m sure you’ll find an article or two.

    I know there’s another thing that can predispose you to higher cholesterol, but for the life of me can’t remember right now.

    Cholesterol is a very tricky thing and the best way to control it is to find out where yours stands. Your Triglycerides vs. your LDL and HDL and a full Lipid Profile. Once you have that information, you can discuss with your doctor your own eating habits and how they are affecting the levels you have and how to change them if they are not in normal limits.
    Just don’t let your weight determine what you think your cholesterol level is. I am 205 pounds and 5′ 7" (overweight for my age/height) and every year my cholesterol is low and practically perfect. And I don’t go outta my way to eat healthy but I’m not really a "bad" eater.

    So everything is unique to each person when it comes to what helps lower or keep cholesterol in good standing. And medication is not the only way to control it if it does get high. So just discuss with a Medical Doctor those things if you are concerned about your own levels.

    Hope that Helps.

  • Sharkie43

    If you search through Yahoo, there are many sites which can answer all your questions.

    I had high cholesterol, due to the wrong foods and most importantly, smoking.
    Overweight is another big contributor to high cholesterol.

    Omega 3&6 tablets and garlic tablets work wonders.

    I brought my cholesterol level down by taking "Vital Vitamins" containing omega 3 & 6, heart vitamins and garlic vitamins.

    Good luck

  • It can be from what you eat and it can be genetic. I have had high cholesterol since I was 3. I have tried everything from strict diets and exercise and now trying that with medications. However, since mine is genetic it is harder to find a combination that will bring all my numbers to where they should be.

  • What a lot of people don’t understand is that cholesterol is a vital component of your cell membranes. It’s used in a lot of biosynthetical processes that occur in your body. For example, in order for your adrenal glands to make cortisol (hormone released in times increased stress on the body such as an exercise, an emergency, etc.), aldosterone (vital for regulation of sodium balance in the body), or androgens (sex hormones, these are important before puberty, after that main sex hormones are made in the gonadal tissues) cholesterol must be present. It’s not really the amount of cholesterol that’s important, but how the body utilizes it and also a few other factors play a role (especially trans fats from all the hydrogenated oils found in fast foods). The body itself produces 98% of total cholesterol, the other 2% you get from your diet. Natural animal fats are good for you, saturated or unsaturated. We as humans have evolved for millions of years on natural meats and vegetation, so it’s HIGHLY suspicious to me why all of a sudden, in the past few decades we are told that meats, eggs, and other products that have high fat/cholesterol content in them are "bad" for us, and we should take drugs! So if you eat foods that have higher content of cholesterol than other foods, such as eggs, if the body is healthy it will just decrease its own production of cholesterol. IF, however, the body is unhealthy or the person has a genetic predisposition, it could be that the body itself cannot regulate the cholesterol levels, and that’s when it’s important to look into modifying your diet and lifestyle first, before turning to medication. The cholesterol "scare" started some 30 years ago, pretty much in time with the increase of fast foods and chemical processing of foods in general, as well as development of anti-cholesterol drugs. If you eat healthy (meaning you stay away from anything that can be prepared in microwave in 2 minutes, or fast food places, or anything that has been extensively processed) and lead a healthy life style (don’t sit around TV or computer for hours at a time, get some exercise into your daily routine, etc.) you’ll do just fine!
    Hope this was helpful 🙂
    All the best!

  • tracy t

    since one of the causes of cholesterol comes from what you eat . one of the think you need to look into is your diet

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