What are some natural remedies for GERD?

My boss has it. Has an appt in a month, but since he’s a nice guy, I was thinking to help him out a bit until he goes to the doc.
He’s not fat by any means and he doesn’t smoke. He stresses out a lot. Again, he is going to see a gastro in a month, but I wanted to get him something in the meantime. I don’t know who Tony is…
Oh, and he’s been on Nexium for… ever…


  • ƦєdAиgєℓ

    My mother was diagnosed with GERD 5 years ago and has suffered severely for the past 5 years. After stopping acid blockers and starting digestive enzymes, GERD disappeared within 2 weeks. GERD is essentially a digestive problem. My mother takes Nature’s Sunshine protein digestive enzymes for protein meals (contains betaine hydrochloric acid), and for non protein meals Sandra Cabot’s digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes are the same as in the stomach and pancreas but are derived from plants. Alternatively, your boss can increase digestive enzymes in the diet. All cooked foods are devoid of enzymes so a diet high in raw foods is beneficial.

    There are some medical conditions that can cause acid reflux including hiatus hernia, asthma, H pylori bacteria, hypothryoidism, diabetes, obesity and pregnancy. I think we can rule out the pregnancy bit lol. H pylori is from lack of stomach acid which is needed to kill of bacteria and parasites. If it is this condition, antibiotics are needed.

    I’ll give you a few links to read through.

    Acid blocker side effects:

    Digestive enzymes/low stomach acid:

    Digestive enzymes:

    Edit: Acid blockers should be not be taken for more than 14 day…8 weeks at the most. ill health is a certainty if taken longer than this.

  • Satine L¸Passion

    raw cabbage is good sometimes.

  • Amy M welcomed twins 12-7-08

    This website is great for home remedies. http://www.earthclinic.com It has literally changed my life since I was able to cure my pancreatitis and colitis with the info found there.
    That’s their reflux page. Apple cider vinegar is the most popular remedy and it definitely works for my husband. But it can’t be any brand of vinegar it has to be organic, unfiltered, not distilled. Braggs and Spectrum are the only two brands I know of and you’ll probably have to get it from the health food store. But there are lots of other remedies too. The doctor will probably put him on a proton pump inhibitor like Prevacid, Protonix, etc but those are terrible drugs. They prevent the body from absorbing calcium properly among other things. I hope this helps.

  • Rhianna

    You need to understand GERD first of all, and many alties don’t, in particular Tony I and onlymatch4u. With GERD, people don’t usually produce more stomach acid than someone who does not have GERD. It’s usually a structural problem. The problem is usually due to a relaxed spinchter, -which is a band of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach. In normal cases, this relaxes to allow food down, and then tightens up to prevent food and acid leaking back up into oesophagus.

    In some people the spinchter relaxes too much meaning acid flows back up. Now the cells that line the oesophagus are fragile and have little protection from acid, unlike the lining of the stomach, which is why you feel a burning sensation. The reason why the spinchter relaxes isn’t always known, but it’s often due to either obesity, pregnancy or ageing and sometimes the pressure in the stomach rises higher than the sphincter can stand.

    Is your boss overweight? If so, reducing weight would help the problem. He should try eating smaller portion foods and ensure his diet isn’t high in fatty foods because the stomach takes longer to dispose of stomach acids after digesting a fatty meal. In the meantime something like Gaviscone might help.

    And contrary to what the alties tell you, antacids are not evil, in moderation they are fine. Of course long term solution to GERD isn’t antacids, it’s lifestyle changes. Also, smoke is a risk factor too.
    If he’s having persistent problems and lifestyle changes have not helped, an endoscopy is indicated.

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