What are some natural remedies for depression, stress, lack of focus, and anxiety?

I’m going to go off my medication (Safely weaning down, not cold turkey), which is Paxil, and makes me insane, and makes all of those above problems extremely worse. I was diagnosed with major depression, and while the medicine (first celexa, then switched because I felt sick all the time) made me not suicidal, it’s made the all around feeling of depression much worse. I honestly think there’s a flaw in the diagnosis, not only because he decided it after talking to me for like 10 minutes, but I’m only sometimes depressed. I’ve wondered if it’s manic depression, but milder (I’ve had some strangely up moods, but not necessarily "manic").

Anyway, that’s not what I’m trying to ask here. I’m looking for any natural remedy, which means, don’t suggest getting put on another damn drug that manipulates my way of thinking and makes me less like the person I’ve been for years. Anything you can think of is welcome. I do believe in the new age stuff, but it’s just a bit… intimidating to try myself. So, if you can think of anything, whether it be herbs or crystals or meditation or what, please say so.

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