What are some natural remedies and cures for depression?

Hello there. I’ve gone through cycles of mild depression throughout my life, mostly brought on by negative events that have taken place during those periods. I once went through a depression as a young teen, got out of it for many years, and have recently found myself depressed once again as a young adult. I don’t know exactly why or how it went away before…it sort of "passed". My depression isn’t extreme (manic depressive/suicidal) or anything of that sort– I’m just generally really down feeling, unmotivated (I sleep a lot and lay around), and have began to isolate myself from others. I’m becoming lethargic almost and I dwell a lot on the past and have feelings of unnecessary guilt.

I do not believe in medicine for the treatment of depression (except in extreme cases) and I’m looking for natural remedies and ways to get out of this rut. Any advice is extremely appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo


  • see my answer here about the food, books and omega three fats.


    Also try to change your thinking. Use positive affirmations that contradict the usual tapes you place in your head. Practice being grateful. Make a journal writing down good things about yourself and compliments people give you. Focus consciously on the positive Read the book excuse me your life is waiting for a great book on the law of attraction. Listen to music you love and uplifting music and get outside a lot in nature. in what things you liked as a child and do these things. Think what things are fun and make you feel good and do more or that. Talk to a crisis line when upset about somethings just type your state into google and the words crisis line.

    My son is trying to help me think more positive..every time I catch myself thinking negative. I am to stop and reverse the thought and say the opposite 10 times.

    For instance if I say/think life sucks I then says my life is great or I love my life or life is a wonderful gift (always say in in the positive not the negative like like does not suck as the mind discounts the not and sees it as life sucks it is thought./ If you say I feel crappy stop and ten life say I feel fantastic. or instead of saying I feel unmotivated think (and better yet force yourself to feel it too) I am constantly motivated or I love doing all kinds of things or life is too short to waste sleeping., I have things to do. Say I love people and being around them..people love me. I attract many friends and love it and stuff like that. When you find yourself thinking about the past say stop that..today is a new day..or my great future makes my past unimportant. Say I am proud of myself. Fix the things that may have made you feel guilty..make amends or whatever and then say..God washes away my guilt. I am made new and can start over. Thanks goodness I can do my future better, Stuff like that.

    Make a list of the top 10 things that are negative you say that you want change once you get those better do 10 new ones or add some.

    urse, etc and read them often the more the better.

    whenever you catch yourself thinking something a depressed person would think or anything negative or anxious etc, reverse it and say it ten times aloud or in your head..eventually you will change your tapes. When we are depressed we think negative and when we think negative we can create depression in a vicious cycle..by changing one of these we can change the cycle.Changing depression improves negative thinking so why wouldn’t changing negative thinking improve depression. a chemical imbalance can cause negative thinking but I think positive thinking can change the body as well.

    Attack it from both sides the raw foods and omega three fats etc in the other answer, the info on nutritional and behavioral things in those books I mention at that answer I linked too, and this stuff and you have true hope.

    Check out depression testimonies on the site hacres.com I was just reading them actually (under the education tab just type in depression and any other illnesses)

    Also take a notebook with areas of your life lhacreslationships, health, work, recreation, money etc and think what things and goals can you make on these things to improve your life

    It is completely great you do not want meds as these I have read can cause permanent brain damage. I took them for 15 years and was intensely suicidal nearly every day..when I quit all that as soon as itmedst my body I was not suicidal for 8 years even though depression remained and continual problems. I shudder to think what damage these antidepressants drugs did to me..I feel I will never be the person I once was. I wonder how many people killed themselves who were on these drugs when the drug companies hid the reports of increased suicides, homicides and exacerbated depression.

    A study of two groups of depressed people showed those getting the ssri antidepressant drugs killed themselves more and had more suicidal thoughts and exacerbated depression than the control group of depressed people taking NOTHING.ssrid the books by peter breggen like your drug could be your problem, toxic psychiatry etc. many libraries have these or amazon..read them before ever taking any brain drug

    The mind is verbreggenful..I used to say I never get sick and I never did..the whole family could be dropping like flies and I would not get the flu or whatever, But I always say life sucks, I hate life, I’m depressed and you know it does suck, I hate it and I am depressed so I am trying to stop saying this stuff and see what happens. I feel it will help whether through self fulfilling prophecy, law of attractions..heck I guess even the placebo effect works on the mind’s power of belief or disbelief.

    But in addition be sure to at least look at that I wrote on fats and the brain and omega three fats in particular found here


    I have suffered severe clinical depression for 35 years..I know stuff I just don’t do what I know…this year I am making progress becoming a vegan, eating mnciyaaw food, exercising, eating healthier, and doing these goals and affirmations. Not perfect but something..today I remembered to put a tbs of chia seeds on my salad for the omega threes. Making some progress helps.

    I did notice a definite lifting of mood and a feeling of happiness when I first gave up animals last year. I have had one of the hardest years ever. Just this week have been a nightmare but I think I am getting tot he point that the misery is motivating me to freaking do something instead of this continued suffering…make that these interesting challenges of this week that I am gonna conquer. full steam ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dark Enigma

    Get over it. The only natural remedy there is.

  • Krathmalan

    Marijuana got me out of my depression and out enjoying life again. I quit using it when i was feeling better.

    Loving life still.

  • ich heiรŸe *******

    Hello you too, before I will start I will say that I used to suffer from depression(really bad one…) for almost a year and one thing I want to tell you is that I didn’t believe that someone could help me any way and no one helped me, I helped myself. I’ll start step by step-
    step1. want it, believe it’s bad although it’s fun sometimes to feel sorry for yourself
    step2.stop feel sorry for yourself, look for the brighten side of life
    step3.change your habits, try to wake up early in morning and go to sleep when it’s dark outside
    step4.be with people as much as possible and be involved(that will make a huge impact and my favorite)
    step5. find yourself hobbies that takes a lot of energy , don’t stay home or next to computer more than a short time, get yourself busy all the time.
    step6.don’t give up to yourself, handle your fears face to face, learn new things and listen to some good music(never slow and emotional one)
    step7.enjoy life!
    good luck, if it helped please tell me it’s important.

  • Anthony

    try taking st. john’s wort capsules. they are easy to get over the counter at many stores and pharmacies and many people use it to treat their depressions, including me. since ive taken it, this feeling of doom i normally have has gone away. its theorised to work by interfering with a process in your brain in which the seratonin (happy chemical) becomes re-absorbed in the nerve cells of ur brain. so, more seratonin would be active in your brain. also, smoking marijuana in low doses can increase the seratonin in your brain as well. if you take a high dose though, it can leave your seratonin levels depleted. so use it at a low dose and moderately. i believe using SJW and weed in combination can help treat depression-because weed would increase seratonin production in your brain and SJW would keep it from being destroyed by your nerve cells. also get about an hour of sunlight each day-this helps your body produce vitamin D which can help fight depression. cardio excercise can be really effective too because excercise also helps to produce seratonin. for me, i can notice a difference in my mood just from doing 40 jumping jacks. isolating yourself from people will contribute to your depression, believe me ive went through that phase. just ask someone or some people out to lunch or to see a movie. i hear going in a sauna can help depression too. all i can say is after going in a sauna once, i felt a really noticable mood lift. oh and eating bananas can help alot too. try eating 2 in the morning and see how you feel, you might be surprised by its effectiveness.

  • laocla. <3

    And simply happiness.

  • Omega 3 fish oil, exercising 3 times a week for 20 minutes and remembering that life isn’t all that bad – it really is that simple! There is always something to live for xxx

  • Amy Kelley

    Avoid anything or anyone that is Negative & force yourself to get up and go out as much as possible, in Sunlight. Talk about your feelings whether it is speaking to someone, or even just writing them down on paper. Anythings better than holding them in. Dont dwell on anything, and learn to love yourself!

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