Weight loss with underactive thyroid?

I recently found out that I have an underactive thyroid and I will probably be taking medication for it soon. Will being on the medication help me lose weight since having an underactive thyroid slows down metabolism?


  • Thyroid meds do not help with weight loss for those with hypothyroidism. What they do is stop the weight gain and allow one to lose weight with diet & exercise. You will need to always test first thing in the morning, getting your morning TSH around 1.0. If your TSH is too high, weight loss with diet & exercoise just won’t happen. Learn as much as possible about the condition, otherwise doctors will underdose you because most don’t know to test in the morning only or they are going by old lab ranges. AACE changed the TSH range in 2003, yet labs like Quest still have it at a higher niumber. Thyroid links below

  • noice

    Yes, weight loss will follow if you received the correct dose. Natural Armor Thyroid is considered one of the best treat for the dease ask your doctor if he wil give you that treatment.

  • no_frills

    Usually it will just stop you from gaining. Like other overweight people, it takes work to lose weight. Your metabolism will be normal once you are at a proper dose.

    You may find yourself with an increase appetite.

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