Want to work in the health care field?

I want to get invovled in the health care field. What should I take in school? What would be the best approach for me? I want to make a fairly good living.


  • katie.theresa

    Congratulations, it’s a great field! To get your feet wet, I suggest taking a CNA (certified nursing assistant) course at your local community college. It only lasts a couple of months, and CNAs work directly with patients- usually in a hospital or nursing home- providing basic cares. This would allow you to see whether or not you like working in the health care field without making a huge committment and wasting a lot time and money, only to find out it’s not for you. After that, you can easily continue your education- maybe to LPN/RN (RNs make about 50-70K per year; I consider that to be a fairly good living), or anywhere beyond .There are also tons of "tech" positions you can get into- radiology technician, phlebotomy technician, etc. etc. etc. The training for these sorts of programs are somewhere between the length of a CNA course and an RN program.
    Good luck!

  • missmary

    there are sooo many jobs in the health care field, research each one a little bit and then take a class about it and see if thats what you want to do. google is wonderful with things like that.

    as for what to take in school make sure you are good in biology and chemistry and math.

    talk to a school advisor even if you are not in school call a community college or university they are more than happy to help you

  • fivemgmorphine

    Take chemistry, biology and maths! Good Luck!

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