Updated Foundation Routine! How To Cover Acne!

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  • MarissaLace

    LOLZ I can just do a night time routine! Its been requested a lot lately heheee 😀

  • MarissaLace

    its amazing! You’ll love it 

  • MarissaLace

    oh thanks so much girl! So happy you like them (:

  • MarissaLace

    oh im addicted to bronzer haah! <3 thank you!

  • Whatrulookingatbitch

    You’re so gorgeous O.O

  • itsageoffrushthing

    Can you do a night time routine video, please? They are my favourite to watch.

  • itsageoffrushthing

    And I’m sure you look absolutely perfect…

  • csilvasantana88

    Hey, what do you think about bh cosmetics eye shadow?

  • MissChristinaFaith

    You’re so beautiful! I suffered with acne through my early 20’s and would have never been seen without make up – especially on youtube! I admire your confidence! Excited to follow your channel!

  • 4444teamo

    U r so pretty . J don’t have acne but I still can’t make my face look that good 🙂

  • Mrslolalynn

    you are beautiful! I have to get that BB cream, it looks amazing and has great coverage! I think that all the other BB creams I have tried and like the real thing, because the other ones are so sheer! That stuff is the real deal! 🙂 Thanks for making this video!

  • Katherine Brocke

    I’m about to go on accutane and i heard it makes your skin really dry. what moisturizer do you use?

  • taylovesmakeup07

    Your my absolute favorite Youtuber!

  • Clara Homburger

    that bb cream looks incredible! i can’t get over at how good you are at makeup!

  • AnaCLAreias

    I know exactly what you feel when you asked us not to say you’re ugly or feel sorry for you!! my skin looks just like yours and I know how it feels, belive me. I’m so glad I finally found someone “normal” on youtube that does not have perfect skin!! 🙂 I’ll follow you from now on! BTW, that bb cream is unbelivable! where can I get it???

  • morganjeaner

    Omg your acne has cleare up so much from accurate!!!! :I

  • tezaworld

    I think you’re a very pretty & nice girl so you ignore haters and not talk about negative comments at all.

  • Joana Rodriguez-Quinones

    You are so sweet
    Sooooo… I Sub ❤ yay 😀

  • ClaireMalo

    where did you get the bb cream i want to try it! i live in australia so i think i have to buy it online should i do this? xx

  • MakeupLover140

    Hey Marissa!
    I suffer from acne too. When I apply my foundation you can see the flakyness of my dry skin. I use a mositurizer and a primer, but it doesn’t work:/ What should I do to help my foundation not show the flakes?

  • noelle massei

    Your skin is looking better 🙂 You are stunning!!! I want your eyes :/ lol

  • glamorandpearlsx

    I don’t know if you get this a lot cause this is the first video I have watched of you but… You and Sarahbelle93x could be twins!

  • emmari15

    I seriously can’t even handle how darn adorable you are. It love your videos so much!

  • abby styles

    What website did you buy that BB cream from? YOU’RE STUNNING,BTW.

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