Universal Health Care?

With nearly 47 million Americans, or 16 percent of the population without health insurance and that number continuing to rise every year as health care becomes more expensive, what are your issues against universal health care?

Countries that do have universal health care like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the UK all have higher life exectancies and lower infant mortality rates. As well, they all have lower per capita expenditures on health care (several thousand dollars less per person), lower healthcare costs as a percent of GDP, and less money as a % or government revenuse spent on health care.

My feelings is that universal health care will be very hard to implement in the US as Insurance Companies and the Pharmaceutical Industry all have a great influence on our politcal parties.
There may be a wait list for some procedures but statistically they still have higher life expectancies and lower infant mortality rates.

To the other person, these countries listed as an example have never been communist countries.

The numbers of those without health care is from the US Census Bureau. As well, I don’t consider it much of a choice to have to choose between health care and food for my family.

The ‘Healthcare has gotten expensive because of technology’ is an economically unfeasable argument. Technology should provide efficiencies to make procedures cheaper. If an advancement in technology means that it now become more expensive then it is not much of an advancement.

As for the socialism comment; welfare, unemployment insurance, and Government subsidized drugs are all forms of socialism. The funny thing is that our President pushed for the subsidized drugs that greatly benifits the drug companies. How many Canadian sneak over to the US to buy pharma drugs?

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