Thyroid/Adrenal condition?

I had brain surgery when I was 12(currently 20) Prior to the surgery I was skinny, post surgery I was overweight, and still am. The issue is that m tumor was on the pituitary gland and when the tumor was removed it crashed my Thyroid hormones as well as Cortisol levels. Now, I was put on 20mg in morn 10mg night for Cortef and the dosage has never changed, is that enough for me? I hear that waking up repeatedly at night may be a sign of struggling adrenals. And then the Thyroid drug i’m on (Synthroid) 100mcg once daily. I’ve recently read only takes care of T4 levels and the rest has to be picked up by converting T4 and that stresses the adrenals even more. I’m 6’1" and 290lb if that would matter on doasge, any thoughts? suggestions?

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