Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy?

I was wondering if it was hard to carry baby’s to full term with Hashimoto’s… I’m not sure if i’m pregnant yet.. But I’ve heard that It can be very dangerous to get pregnant with thyroid disease… Anyone with information, that would help thanks (:


  • mikah_smiles

    I have hypothyroidism, and have a friend with Hashimoto’s. It is dangerous if your thyroid isn’t balanced. If your symptoms and levels have been steady for a while, then it’s probably okay to get pregnant. Your risk of miscarriage will be a bit higher than the average, but it’s not 100% certain. Your doctor will also want to carefully monitor you and your thyroid function, during pregnancy and for a while afterwards. My friend with Hashimoto’s had to go see a doctor every few weeks, while I only had to have my levels monitored every few months. Both of us had healthy daughters, with no long term health issues.

    You will probably want to talk to your doctor well before you become pregnant. They will know if your body is ready or not. My friend was cleared for pregnancy and two weeks later got her positive pregnancy test. It can be done, since it is a manageable condition. I have other hormone issues, apart from my hypothyroidism and it took me three years to conceive.

    Good luck!

  • Your Highness

    Like the other answerer said, it’s only an issue if you don’t have your thyroid levels under control. I don’t think I have Hashimoto’s, I just know I have hypothyroidism, and when I was pregnant, I actually had to stop taking my meds because they were giving me hyperthyroidism. Like the pregnancy caused my thyroid to work harder, therefore leveling out my thyroid hormones. So things can actually get better, not worse, if you’re lucky 🙂

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